It is time for an information upgrade: Mobilized news is a Network dedicated to realistic system change.

For the past year, our television programming focused on the people and their stories of working on the front lines: from leaders and pioneers and health and well-being, environmental and climate science, enabling legally enforceable rights of nature laws in communities worldwide, to the transformation or energy systems and youth organizing for social justice.

Now for our second year, we expand our reach and coverage as we continue to focus on the issues impacting our lives, as well as  the who, what, where, when and how people worldwide are enabling effective paradigm change for our collective health and well-being.

Our stories focus on

  • The transformation of our food systems to localized production, new proteins models, plant-based meats and proteins:
  • The shift in energy systems, transforming from petroleum towards Electric, battery, wind, solar, renewable and affordable clean energy
  • The transformation in the ways we produce, manufacture and consume, from the ways we build our buildings and products, going from built-in obsolescence towards building to last,  and improved consumption and distribution transforming from global to empowering community-empowered localized production and distribution.
  • Bringing decentralized power back to the commons, and the community,
  • And The democratization of knowledge to empower people worldwide with the much-needed wisdom they need for optimal health in balance with planetary health.

Our programming is an easy to navigate grid whose stories reveal life on earth as a holistic system of systems that all work and communicate for the health of the whole.

With clarity above all else, easily translatable into a multitude of languages, accessible to people everywhere no matter their circumstances, we provide a pathway to a healthier coexistence for a healthy planet and healthy people.

“Because the love and hopes of those who came before us resides in our hearts; love of future generations for sides in our actions.”

We are Mobilized news. Please join us in our journey. You can sign up as a collaborator in creation below: