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Post Covid: What? We can’t go back to the “old Normal”

A New Normal? Exactly what does this look like?

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From a Woman’s Point of View WMNF 73020.

Special Guests: Dr. Lynn Ringerberg, MD, Past President of Physicians for Social responsibility and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
The pandemic hangs like a black cloud lurking over us all. We are behind it and will continue to be behind it because of an appalling lack of leadership who keeps insisting it will “go away.” and we have to get back to “normal.” Who can you coerce? Well, many strapped states and how about the schools? Dr. Lynn Ringenberg, MD, Past President of Physicians for Social Responsibility and Professor Emeritus of Pediatrics at USF Medical School gave her opinion on schools reopening.

How about going back to a “new normal?” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez shows the way.

What are the ramifications of the old normal? Violence, sexual assault to women and girls.

Mary Marx of PACE, a non-profit trying to keep young girls out of prison discusses Florida’s Donna’s Law and how it will help by removing time limits on reporting sexual assault.

Make Love Go Viral!

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