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Perception, Distortion, The Art of Persuasion , The Value of Truth in Media

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Michael Caporale: Media that Nourishes our Lives because life is not a Debt Sentence: When what we are told to believe is a Lie: Perception, Reality, and a Enabling News Ecosystem that Serves us: Michael Caporale and Steven Jay

This presentation will begin with a nine minute pre-recorded commentary followed by a live + interactive presentation.

Please click the START Button on the Media Player below to begin the pre-recorded message and then we shall go directly to the live one.


We don’t need another smart phone. We need a smarter conversation.  Mobilized is building an empowering constructive solutions-based journalism network from the ground up. While most news is the story of disease and dysfunction, we believe that media can empower, inspire, inform, educate and enable healthier outcomes for us all.

We  are collaborators in creation of better together. 

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