Going past the IPCC report: The Need for Evidence-based, people powered, decentralized systems

It will not suffice to point to an individual paradigm shift that is against the immense cultural influence

By Jochen Kik, Stuttgart, Germany

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen of the IPCC,

Your scientific work on the accelerated, apocalyptic scale of climate change catastrophe is worthy of recognition!

The scientific framework can no longer confine itself to the field of climatic consequences, causes and recommendations, but must be linked to the field of economic activity as one of the main causes and main influences.
These two research fields now form an indispensable unit in the assessment and solution of this life-threatening problem.

Here the organization of the individual societies with a superordinate aid consisting of currency / capital & trading systems, or a closely entwined, crisis-susceptible world capital & trading system and its inherent competition & concentration constraints plays the decisive role!

This influence forces humanity into profound processes of waste and destruction of valuable raw materials and resources and their more favorable thermal disposal, especially of fossil fuels.

Even if considerable successes were achieved, which above all cover the additional requirements, the core business, the main source of income, is still the business around fossil energy sources in global terms.

Here is a look at the list of the most profitable corporations worldwide and related investments and investments, even recently, against all warnings from the scientific side.

No globally active bank or investment company, often closely linked to national interests and national budgets, can exit this segment at the speed required by climatic changes, as confirmed by climate researchers, within the next 10-20 years, without that this capital company risks being driven from the world market or driven to ruin by the competition, possibly from other countries!

Even more, the conflicts are intensifying with the remaining fossil fuels, in particular from oil and gas resources.

Consequently, as a quintessence, the catastrophic development that threatens the ‘ecosystem earth’ can only be stopped by overriding the mechanism that causes mankind, as a dominating factor within the earth’s environment, to enter this state and continues to drive even against scientific knowledge and warnings.

This mechanism is precisely this organization of the world-wide divided world by means of currency / capital & trading systems, connected in a global financial & trading system, which has become completely obsolete since computer systemic global digital networking !! [1]

Without focusing on this, in addition to a paradigm shift, without overcoming any currency & trading systems as quickly as possible, without undermining the mechanism that drives us into unavoidable, catastrophic developments, the tipping elements will soon be safely surpassed, unstoppable to domino effects his!

At the time you recommended the ‘restructuring of the economy’ it is not enough at all, even has verklärenden influence, if reference is made to regional complementary currencies, which in connection with the world capital & trading system, but the rules of the world market, capital systems inherent laws, then just reinforced regionalized markets, which, technologically speaking, as organizational aids in societies, as already mentioned, are in themselves obsolete and superfluous.

It is dazzling to rely on global CO2 pricing, which, in the current internationalized competitive situation, is dominated by the most weighty nations, such as the United States. the US, Russia, the Middle East countries, which rely heavily on these revenues, would be disadvantaged in such a way that they are simply forced to deny the climate change catastrophe.

It is not enough to build on the rationality of the decision-makers in business and politics who are subject to the constraints of this world financial and trading system, or whose scope of action is limited to compliance with the laws of this world market. The emissions trading system introduced in Europe has been proven and will not be able to achieve its intended effect to a sufficient extent.

It will not suffice to point to an individual paradigm shift that is against the immense cultural influence