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People Power Now Movie

A well-informed public is the most powerful natural resource of all. is proud to announce our second in the trilogy of documentaries,

“People Power Now: We the People.”

( is currently in the process of assembling the footage for this new project. It is our hope that it is completed by December 1, 2022

For too many years, we’ve experienced the stories of failed economic policies, corporations taking over all facets of public service, flawed leadership leading us off the cliff, and massive student debt.

For real transformation, we need a new story. Because life is not a debt sentence.

Vision: It is the year 2040. People in communities around the world have united in Solidarity to bring us closer to our ultimate potential. Transportation has become electrified, and instead of corporations creating products and services built to break down, communities are instead sharing and repairing. Communities everywhere have learned to live healthier lives in balance with the natural world. We’re no longer putting band Aid solutions on top of broken roads, but instead, we are building better pathways.

Here are the stories that got us there.

There are millions of people and thousands of communities around the world who have developed and continue to develop real world solutions for ultimate health and well-being in balance with the natural world.

As the state and federal levels have failed us, real change happens at the local level, in communities everywhere.

But what type of work is required to affect this change? Who were the driving forces behind it and basically are we ready?

For bringing this wisdom and the knowledge to act to communities around the world and keeping them connected and such a large scale requires a major shift how we communicate.

We don’t need another smartphone we need a smarter conversation.

We the people : People Power Now

Produced by Steven Jay, Jeff Van Treese and Michael Caporale for Mobilized news.

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