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PAID TO DREAM Geoffrey Holder

If you’re not familiar with the play or movie of Carson McCullers’ THE MEMBER OF THE WEDDING, there is a classic moment when Ethel Waters’ character Berenice holds Julie Harris’s Frankie in her arms. This was Geoffrey and I doing our version. Geoffrey was a unique part of my life and a true inspiration. My walls are adorned with his paintings. A true renaissance man, this Trinidadian was (in no particular order) a dancer, painter, actor, director, choreographer, costume designer, and chef. He taught me the importance of keeping all my arts fresh. He was my nemesis in the film BUTTERFIELD. When I planned HIGH CLASS HEEL, my play about George Sanders, Geoffrey took me shopping on Hollywood Boulevard to pick the right hat for the role. He always referred to me as “Sir Charles”. He’s been gone four years now, but I think of him every day. Here he is – with that unique rumble of a laugh – on a vintage PAID TO DREAM.

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