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By Charles Dennis, Paid to Dream

Here’s a secret the cantankerous Ed Asner doesn’t want you to know: he’s a sweetheart! But he’ll do everything possible to keep you from finding that out. I flew him to Las Vegas some years ago to appear in my movie HARD FOUR. He was delighted to go. It was only when it came time to shoot his scenes that I realized why he was so eager to make the journey. He’s mad about poker. I had to drag him away from the tables to shoot his scenes. At the 2017 Riverside International Film Festival – where we both received awards – I was asked to introduce him. I gave him a glowing, heartfelt endorsement.


He, in turn, told the audience: “Charles Dennis is a con man. That’s why you should see his movie CHICANERY. The work of a con man.”

I still love you, Ed. Pain-in-the ass that you are.

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