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PAID TO DREAM: Earl Pomerantz



In addition to winning two Emmy Awards and the Cable Ace Award, my dear friend Earl Pomerantz won the prestigious Humanitas Prize for an episode of THE MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW called “Ted’s Change of Heart”.

Earl (who also wrote for CHEERS, THE COSBY SHOW, TAXI, and created MAJOR DAD) wrote a line about dying in which he said “You never know when God’s going to swat you with a newspaper.” God swatted Earl recently at the age of 75. In addition to being a devoted husband, father, and grandfather, Earl was a baseball fanatic. He would disappear to Arizona every winter and watch his favorite team get ready for the new season. So I like to think that Earl didn’t pass away on March 7th. He’s just away at spring training.

–Charles Dennis, PAID TO DREAM

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