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Overcoming Potentially Lethal Racial and Cultural Stereotypes: Dr. Dale B. Taylor

Enabling an understanding how music and sound impacts the brain

Overcoming Potentially Lethal Racial and Cultural Stereotypes: Dr. Dale B. Taylor, Neuroscientist, Professor, Therapist, Author

How does media selection and reporting of events impact the thinking, behavior and life experiences of the people who hear and/or read those news reports? That is both the overriding and the underlying question to be addressed by this presenter. Within this framework, certain other more specific issues will be dealt with by examining the content and impact of actual examples from media reports and from the speaker’s own experience.

Some of those issues can be stated as follows: Do traditional media reporting practices have a disproportionately positive or negative effect on public perceptions of members of specific racial, ethnic, religious or national groups within American society? Do the media play a role in creating or perpetuating “implicit bias” against individual members of any identifiable demographic, such as “young black males?” How does media reporting and non-reporting of race affect the treatment of individuals by employers, educators, and especially by the police?

In seeking solutions, comparisons will be drawn with other societies where negative media stereotyping is not practiced or where there has been a strong government-sponsored effort to overcome formerly divisive racial policies by encouraging their citizens to be inclusive and treat all people with dignity and respect.



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