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Overcoming Bureaucratic Red Tape

While resources are limited, Imagination is Infinite

“Personal technologies often transform workers who push paper robotically into eager data divers and data fliers, into enthusiasts who gather and synthesize information for pleasure. And I suspect that that enthusiasm can help a  company (or an organization ) with a hundred employees do the work of a thousand. I suspect it’s one of the secrets that’s helped a web-based company like Craig’s List replace the personal sections of over 1,500 newspapers and run a $100 million business with only 30 employees.

By Howard Bloom and Steven Jay

What will be the key that turns workers who love their laptops and their cellphones into the makers of the next giant leap in productivity, the productivity not just of manufacturing workers but of the folks who make the daily decisions and innovations that support our lives?” —Howard Bloom

“I must create a system or be enslaved to somebody else’s. My job is to create.” – William Blake

“Maybe it is you and me. Maybe it is all of us.    Those of us who are fed up with the bureaucracies that suppress their imagination. People who tired of being denied their basic human rights and those who work for social justice in the streets and communities and in underserved communities.”

“Often a new system comes not from designing a new tool, but from designing a new way to use it. And that may be the task awaiting us. It took over fifty years before Henry Ford found a way to elevate the American System of interchangeable parts into the assembly line. Who will pull off the new Ford-like synthesis of Internet and personal productivity tools? Who will do for the smart phone, the laptop, the iPad, Google, Skype, and Wikipedia what Ford did for the tools of manufacturing?

That’s a tough one. But the man or woman who comes up with the answer and drives it home may do more than merely make a fortune. He or she may put zest and compassion back into our justice system, our medical system, our educational system, our government, our corporations, and our working lives. That person may make Franz Kafka proud and may redeem the suffering of those who have died for the sins of indifferent paper pushers. He or she may be the savior leading us out of the wilderness of bureaucracy. And that savior may turn out to be a community, a mass of techno-obsessives toying with their gadgetry. That savior may turn out to be you and me.”
It is time to change the conversation. We dont need another smartphone.  We need a smarter conversation.

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