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Out of the Matrix of Control, Into the Creatrix for Life

It is time for the passionate to come out and play.

Since the beginning of civilizations, humankind has sought better ways of doing things, from farming, agriculture, energy, and transportation to health and well-being education and communications.

Only a few hundred years ago, we believed that the earth was the center of the universe, and the planets and our sun revolves around us. Then, once considered heretics, scientific experiments by Copernicus and Galileo proved old theories false and set new Science on a forward trajectory.

While Science is constantly discovering new ways of understanding the world, one thing remains constant: The interconnectedness of all life, the ecosystem of life.

For the past two centuries, advancements of the Industrial Age combined with the fantasy theories based on constant growth on a finite planet have caused us to realize that humanity must make a shift in the way we live our lives, build our cities, and create vibrant communities around the world.

While recent discoveries by scientists of all kinds have helped develop and enable more efficient and effective energy, transportation, food, and packaging, we must find better ways of communicating this wisdom.

We are at the forefront of a new age and business as usual, and the way we once lived through constant growth and mass consumerism is no longer feasible.

At this significant time in our lives, we are faced with the most important conversation of our lives: How can we, the people, learn from the mistakes of the past, overcome our differences and amplify the systems, services, and policies that serve the whole of all life.

We don’t need a new smartphone. We need a smarter conversation.

But what are the systems, services, and policies we need to implement? How do we enable them? And basically, are we really ready to give up the past to create the future?

A clarion call for the most significant opportunity we’ve ever faced.

We can continue with the past, Industrial-Aged ideas and theories which have enslaved us into debt and political paralysis, or we can unite in Solidarity for our collective health and well-being and discover a better way for all.

It is time to get out of the Matrix of Control and into the Creatrix of Life.

Mobilized News invites you to a front-row seat to discover how We, the People, can bring this to life.  Please join us as a collaborator in creation.  Hint: You know you want it! 

I know you want it.


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