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Our Words Must Mean Something if We are to Survive

This is not about economics. This is about Justice.

Our survival depends upon many things: One of them is that we need an effective communications system based on fundamental truths. 

If an asteroid threatened earth and humanity there would be many things to discuss, design, and build. We would obviously need to engineer sustainable systems and structures in space or underground that could mimic our planets current life supporting conditions for the necessary bout.

By “The Other” Chuck Woolery

For this vital task, the first and most important system needed would be an effective communications system. A language (system) relying on flawless structures (words) that mean only one thing. A definition that everyone agreeing on and understands. Imagine trying to build any complex system with a large group of people, each with different perspectives using essential tools and/or materials lacking precise names, labels, or descriptions.

Human survival would depend on all systems and structures designed from the fundamental principles of science, technology, engineering, and religious faith. In the unforgiving void of space or the earth’s crust, failure of any system or structure caused by miscommunications could be an extinction event. In this context, our nation’s founding Fathers words, “Self-evident” “truths”, and the “Laws of Nature and Nature’s God” become profoundly relevant. Their failure however, to engineer these principles into our U.S. Constitution was catastrophic. Our failure to apply em today in our foreign policy will be even more deadly.

Imagine different groups of arguing about the meaning of ‘right to life’ or ‘peace through strength’. Without using precise words with indisputable meaning — productive debate would be impossible. This is the exact dilemma we face today with multiple potentially catastrophic problems (WMD proliferation, Artificial intelligence, climate change, or nuclear exchange to name a few).

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Given this, our highest personal, national and global priority should be health. The health of our bodies, environment, economy, legal system, cooperative culture, and communication’s systems.

And, in this context, our current debate around “Health Care” will never be resolved. This two word phrase has no precise definition or meaning. And, each word misleads. Real ‘Health’ is about prevention — preventing illness and injury not just preventing death once our bodies systems and structures have been unconsciously or consciously abused.

Free access to clean air and water, nutritious food, vaccinations and medical checkups is a fundamental human right. And, maintaining a healthy population and environment is essential to preserving our individual and national prosperity and security (promoting the general welfare and forming a more perfect union). In my view, anyone who takes unnecessary risks with their health (or the health of others) by over eating, eating junk food, smoking, avoiding exercise, abusing drugs, or texting while driving should have no free access to medical attention. There is not enough money in the world to accommodate the blatant human irresponsibility of even 10% of all Americans. Our so called “Health Care System” is unsustainable. It threatens our economic security, and thus our national security.

The many threats we face from nature (pandemics, antibiotic resistance, hurricanes…) and human nature (bioterrorism, climate change, opioids, war, genocide…) could be largely prevented with truly ‘universal’ access to real health care (clean water, sanitation, education, and basic health services). This is not about economics. It’s about justice. No justice…no peace. As Americans we have a ll pledged “Liberty and justice for all”. It’s either that or health for none.



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