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Option Three

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The media this past week was all-a-titter as to whether Donald Trump would confront Putin about the Russia meddling in election hacking. The smart money said he wouldn’t and they were right.  Various rationales were given for this assessment but they all fall into one of two basic camps.

The first is that Trump is not convinced that hacking took place.  This is not only implausible but defies all common sense and is not supported with the facts.  He has known all along. That this argument was ever floated shows the complicity of the mainstream news organizations in witlessly fostering a scenario that is blatantly false while knowing otherwise. The idea that Trump doesn’t believe it is just cover for his inaction and a conscious lie to divert attention away from his involvement and the collusion he so adamantly denies. News organizations, especially cable and broadcast news are ruled by corporate lawyers all afraid of any possible mis-step, so this is reported as What Trump really believes, simply because he said so. Please tell me, is there any reason that we should believe him?

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The second argument is that he’s a wuss.  He won’t confront Putin and will stick to an agenda involving the possibility of mutual cooperation on issues we share because he’s afraid to confront Putin. The man famous for saying “you’re fired” won’t even confront his appointees to fire them in person. Yes, he’s a coward at heart, but no, that is not the reason he won’t confront Putin.  It’s much deeper.

Because there’s a third option to consider, one that all the news media are afraid to speak out loud, even as a possibility. The third option is that Trump has been in collusion with the Russians in one form or another, whether it be shady financial dealings or future Russian plans, personal side deals, money laundering, Russian oil investment, “dirty tricks,” campaign violations involving collusion and cyber-attacks.  The likelihood that there has always been more going on than meets the eye is ever greater. With each passing day come new revelations.

Why aren’t we talking more openly about option three?

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