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On the concept of Autonomy



Imagine having creative control of your vision.

George Gershwin meets Ravel.  And the conversation goes something like this:

Gershwin: “I wish I could write like you.”

Ravel: “Don’t be a bad Ravel. Be an amazing Gershwin.”

This is for those of us who have a clear vision what exactly what they want and refuse to settle.

There are many ways to define success.

Since we are all creative, we can make a conscious decision of how we want to enable the success of our creation.

We can go it alone, building a quality team of co-creators and co-collaborators, marketers and C-Level executives (this way can only lead to corporate take over and leave you being pushed out of your own business)

Or we can find the way to maintain creative control of our visions.

This is for those who wish to maintain creative control.

We imagine ourselves and our ideas as being something that the world wants, and many of us seek the route of investors, of securing the money needed for building the business from the top down, hiring marketing people, bringing in the copy-writers, the CFO and CIO’s, creating a team, building a business, a brand, taking it to a certain level, and then selling it to another corporation whose only intention is to prevent you from doing your own thing,  because to many within the corporate mindset, life is a game of chess, a game of illusion, distraction, a game of competition, the game of fear-mongering with the belief that FEAR combined with beautiful imagery is going to attract the type of customer you want.  And in the end of your stay at the business you created, you find yourself far from your vision, only to escape to a vacation from it…..because you sold out to the highest bidder…

Or you could instead, create the perfect team, got the grassroots way, find those who are touched and inspired by what you believe is your genius, your brilliant artistry, maintain creative control of your destiny.  Choosing autonomy and creative control of your destiny might seem like a tougher path, but it will be worth it. You will be living your truth, your life, your very unique path that you can call your own.  Your art will be sincere. Your dream realized. Your words and heart felt visions will have touched the world… will take more time this way, but with the proper team, you can realistically head toward your goal and dream. You will be at peace when you sleep.  Your steps will be real.  Your truth will be revealed.

And you will have not sold out.

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