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To expand the vision gradually and then exponentially, we invite every expert from every sector to take part in an evolution in public conscious media whose time is now.

“We need to find better ways to work together; to synergize at the bottom the way big companies are doing at the top—and translate what we known into more effective messages that will resonate with the consumers we want to activate at citizens.”—Danny Schechter 

Mobilized has expanded gradually with the involvement of our collaborators and partnerships to make it a more comprehensive information network and platform.

Mobilized is a collaborative network built for change and inspired by nature, empowered by passionate people. We invite communities and movements into an ecosystem of opportunity while empowering community leaders to provide their wisdom to share across borders in an efficient manner to enable the wide-flow and dissemination of ideas-into-actions that people can take today.


Long-term objectives:

  • To build up an evidence-based repository and dissemination network for wisdom and actions for a sustainable world.
  • To introduce creators and collaborators from multiple sectors to overcome misunderstandings
  • To enable the creation of decentralized local media and communication hubs that work in harmony with one another]
  • To overcome misunderstandings between one another
  • To amplify stories of solutions while empowering imagination
  • To find better ways of working together, building bridges of understanding while empowering communities, those who live, work and play there


Short-term objectives:


  • To provide a centralized hub of decentralized, evidence-based information which is relevant to the present needs of citizens everywhere.
  • To empower citizens and communities to take the actions necessary for a truly sustainable planet
  • To empower the genius found in each and everyone to help realize their true potential
  • To create a global hub of wisdom that empowers individuals to self-correct problems by looking for the root causes before trying to solve the problems
  • To create a series of decentralized community hubs that work with one another to help overcome misinformation
  • To create a friction-free platform that people will want to use as a valued resource
  • To help solution providers and enablers amplify and mobilize their stories
  • To tell the stories of what we can do when we work together.
  • To promote local, regional, national and international cooperation and serve as a liaison and catalyst for exchange of evidence-based information that enable actions to be taken today and tomorrow (and not just in thirty years)
  • To create an efficient, distraction-free communications network for problem solvers
  • To educate, inform, inspire and empower healthier ways of living and co-existing
  • To promote equal exchange of information between developing communities and those who live, work and play there


The Mobilized Ecosystem of Opportunity; a World of Difference.

  • Provides unique creative opportunities for sustainable development with organizations and communities;
  • A centralized hub of decentralized activity, learning from each other what’s working, what’s not, and how to help one another in a borderless world;
  • Mobilized serves as a creative catalyst and springboard for great ideas to impact humanity’s health and wellbeing in balance with the natural world;
  • Mobilized champions human rights and Sustainable Development Goals and abides by our code of ethical principles;
  • Find ways to grow your audience and showcase your solutions while discovering better ways of mobilizing your projects;
  • Learn from experts in their fields in a non-compromised environment and ecosystem;
  • Organizations are encouraged to create a talent BID: A request for project creation to mobilize the vision of an NGO or Organization through powerful creative visions;
  • Push your existing boundaries and collaborate without compromise based on a Global Talent Bid!;
  • Mobilized welcomes conscious creatives at all stages in their careers;
  • Create new partnerships;
  • Discover new opportunities;
  • Create and collaborate on new projects without compromise
    Discover what’s working from those who are working on them;
  • Overcome misunderstandings.


Get Mobilized and Make Love Go Viral!

Our future is in All of our hands

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