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A web of life for all life. Mobilized reveals life on our blue planet as a whole system, an organism of systems all working together for the health of the whole.  To maintain integrity and autonomy, Mobilized is a carefully moderated platform.

Our Objectives:

Long-term objectives:

  • To build up an evidence-based, imagination empowered information and communications network of shared wisdom and knowledge that lead to actions for a sustainable, regenerative world
  • To overcome misunderstandings and work better together
  • To enable the creation of decentralized local media and communication hubs that work in harmony with one another]
  • To amplify stories of solutions while empowering imagination
  • To find better ways of working together, building bridges of understanding while empowering communities, those who live, work and play there

Short-term objectives:

  • To provide a centralized hub of decentralized, evidence-based  information which is relevant to the present needs of citizens everywhere.
  • To empower citizens and local communities to take the actions necessary for a truly sustainable and regenerative planet
  • To empower the genius found in each and everyone to help realize their true potential
  • To create a global hub of wisdom that empowers individuals to self-correct problems by looking for the root causes before trying to solve the problems
  • To create a series of decentralized community hubs that work with one another to help overcome misinformation
  • To create a friction-free platform that people will want to use as a valued resource
  • To help solution providers and enablers amplify and mobilize their stories
  • To tell the stories of what we can do when we work together.
  • To promote local, regional, national and international cooperation and serve as a liaison and catalyst for exchange of evidence-based information that enable actions to be taken today and tomorrow (and not just in thirty years)
  • To create an efficient, distraction-free communications network for problem solvers
  • To educate, inform, inspire and empower healthier ways of living and co-existing
  • To promote equal exchange of information between developing communities and those who live, work and play there


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