Nov 27: Giving Tuesday

A new perspective changes things.


Compassion and empathy are feelings that remind us we are not psychopaths.  We care enough about others reminding us that there are others in the world less fortunate than us.  Some in desperate need.

By Chuck Woolery, Activist—not TV Host

From there we can go several different directions.

  1. Give something;  Money, time, valued resources, a prayer.  Or,
  2. feel completely overwhelmed by all the need and rationalize not doing anything or just feel guilty.

There’s a third option offered in both a short story and a quote.

Short story:  A man is walking along a river and sees a baby floating by.  He jumps in and saves it…but sees a few more floating by and starts to scream for help.  Others join him in pulling babies from the slow flowing water.  A woman walks up and see’s what’s going, gets angry and starts walking away briskly.  Some one in the water yells at her “these babies need your help!  where are you going?”.  She yells back, I’m going up stream. I’m going to find out who’s throwing the babies in the water. 

“When I feed the hungry, they call me a saint. When I ask why they have no food, they call me a Communist.” — Archbishop Helder Camara

Sometimes people in need do require immediate attention. Other times in this abundant world too many people’s needs are not met because of barriers put in their way by governments, unjust economic systems, abnormal weather conditions, or flawed banking or health care systems and structures.

In my world view more important than giving money is giving a significant amount about injustices AND doing something to change the manmade systems and structures that fail to invest in the human capital that would enable all people to be free from the barriers now blocking their life, liberty and their pursuit of happiness.

If money does that great!  If it’s just taking babies out of the river…we need to seriously up our game.

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