NOT 2030. NOT 2050. NOW

Millions of people in thousands of organizations worldwide are already living with or creating long-term solutions for system change now.  We’re not waiting for some corporation to grant us money.  We’re creating it now.

Imagination takes you everywhere you want to be.


We are in the not-too-distant future. We have cleaned up the mess created by industrial aged thinking; people on all continents realized their diverse personal power and elected real leadership not charlatans craving power; our transportation systems have improved as systems going electric and power is community owned; our education systems nurtured people to see things as holistic and interdependent; people were treated with respect and dignity, not as cattle to be paid with slave wages; fashion became a necessity, not a commodity to constantly push mass consumption, and the health of people and the planet improved.

We are closer to where we need to be; we’re not there yet, but we’re getting there.

A Vision to Get There:

People realized that the public systems were failing us and instead of continuing the insanity, we came together to learn from one another and create together;

In doing so, we brought out real systems, services and policies that served us all without harming the lands, water or air. Our ecosystems became healthier and people became healthier.

To do so, we came together every week virtually to discuss and discover what’s working in communities around the world, and then we put them into place. We built a decentralized communications and production hub that connected the dots so that we could bring it to reality .

Your front row seat to the change you wish to create in the world.
A well informed public is the most powerful natural resource of them all.