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Ninety-nine Bottles of Beer on the Wall.

99 bottles of beer.jpg

Missing from the image above are Rob Porter, Corey Lewandowski, Rex Tillerson, Andy McCabe and John McEntee. (Ed:–and many more who will be added after the writing of this story.)

President Trump deserves a lot of credit.  Who else could have driven so many “uniquely qualified” and “gifted dealmakers,” (as he likes to say the very best he could surround himself with) from public office in such a short period of time?  What’s their problem? Did they lack the courage, the conviction of their beliefs, the stamina to stay in for the long haul, a commitment to American ideals and a belief in the system, or were they just unqualified and unprepared for the job at hand? Perhaps it was their loyalty to the idea that a larger-than-life personality can overwhelm even the most fortified defenses, as Trump demonstrated in the primaries by bullying his GOP opponents with name-calling and lies then moving on to decimate the biggest name in the Democratic Party with a brazen full-frontal assault to chants of “lock her up.” Perhaps they have come to the conclusion that it’s just not enough?  At some point, you have to govern by smoothing the path and not by digging embattlements.


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Or perhaps they did not realize that by accepting the positions offered, they would be subjugated to the micro-management of a national pariah, a narcissist of unequaled proportions, the swamp creature, dragging them into his personal swamp, transforming each with his zombie-like bite into pariahs of their own.

Now after only a year, most of the bottles have fallen from the wall and Trump is left with a scant few—his family (Jared and Ivanka) and embattled appointments like Rex Tillerson, the hapless Ben Carson, Jeff Sessions, H.R. McMasters and John Kelly, all of which are likely to fall soon.  Jared is not long for this world and with him will fall Ivanka. They have created their own inescapable mess.  McMasters and Kelly remain only because with a lack of controls by a spineless congress, they know they may very well be the last defense against a President intent on defying the Constitution while challenging all standards of decency, a man who picks fights with every foreign ally, the media, gold star families, the disabled, and even the Pope.  And that’s just the short list.

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