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The Web of Life

It is time for a better relationship with our beautiful, blue planet.



People of the world unite in solidarity for media of public planetary service.

Our Future is NOW: Artists and Activists, Media Makers and Earth Shakers, Scientists and Social Entrepreneurs Unite for Experiential Global Media project dedicated to Planetary and Personal Health, Well-being and Equilibrium

Because, the most powerful resource is a well-informed public.

For a world that works for all, we need a web of life that works for all.

Today, thousands of organizations and millions of people are involved with growing movements for our collective personal and planetary health.  But many of them work in silo’s, whereas the public at large needs to have access to the wisdom to act, the knowledge to take action, based on evidence, facts (not fiction) easy to understand and fully translatable.  While some people are waiting for 2030 or 2050, people at the community level aren’t waiting for others to take action. They’re taking action now, creating solutions based on indigenous knowledge, inspired by nature, powered by passion and empowered by imagination.

What if we united in Solidarity for the ultimate health and well-being of all life to harness our collective wisdom and amplify our knowledge so that people everywhere can overcome misunderstandings, work better to coexist peacefully, and create the kind of world that works for all?

Experience Mobilized every week on Free Speech TV! News without the noise, facts not fiction, clarity above all.

Media for the people, by the people (and the planet)

People everywhere need access to evidence-based wisdom to lead us towards a healthier co-existence. However, our existing systems, services, and policies tend to hold us back from creating the world we want. 

Bringing this wisdom and the ideas-into action on such a large scale requires a significant shift in communication. While the existing mass communication systems (Media and Social Networks) have become corrupted by outside influences, what if we, the people of the world, came together to create the ultimate communications network that evolves us to a higher level and standard of living? 

But right now, communities and leaders in the community rights movement aren’t waiting for power brokers to fix the system. Instead, they’re beginning to envision a new sustainability constitution by adopting laws at the local level that are forcing those ideas upward into the state and national ones.   

We don’t need another Smart Phone. We need a smarter conversation.

Mobilized is bringing together a unique and diverse group of communities leaders from around the world to help overcome misunderstandings and create healthier ways of co-Existing nonviolently. These events are being recorded for broadcast.  The first thirty minutes is dedicated to conversations between the show host and special guests following by a participatory question and answer session for the second half hour.

Please join us as collaborators in creation for our daily do-it’s, the daily media series that takes ideas into action.

Imagine how much we can accomplish when we unite in Solidarity for our collective health and well-being?

Imagine collaboratively modeling an ideal integrated multimedia network, a cooperative and complimentary series of social enterprises showcasing the most ethical policies, initiatives and advanced technologies within its very DNA. This includes focus on equality, quality of life, personal growth, individuality, unconditional love, human rights, civil rights, transparency, privacy, accountability and open collaboration.

So please join us for The Mobilized Exchange, smarter conversations on how we, the people of the world, can unite in Solidarity as we learn how to transform our systems, services, and policies into ones that serve us all, people and the planet, and all life. 

Please join and our Television partners at Free Speech TV for daily conversations on how we can get there, not in 2030, not in 2050, but Today. 

These are live, virtual experiential media events. 

 What to Anticipate

Mobilized is partnering with organizations worldwide to launch The Mobilized Exchange and “We Are One,” the monumental documentary that shows how We the People can work together through a holistic lens with indigenous wisdom.

While many of the solutions we need already exist, they must be amplified so that people in all nations can amplify the wisdom, create new and highly evolved systems inspired by nature, powered by passionate people, and empowered by imagination.

The media events are held daily starting Monday, January 17th, and feature live and interactive programming that guides us towards true sustainability. In addition, an international media exposition is planned for April 19-22, 2022. 

 How to Join? 

 We believe that the wisdom required must be accessible to everyone for free without borders. Therefore, we are making them available a

According to the show producers, “For too many years, we have been enslaved by Industrial-Aged systems that divide us while destroying what it has taken Mother Nature billions of years to create. Yet, we already possess everything we need to return to Equilibrium, to bring our world to harmony instead of dysfunction.”

“We have the wisdom and knowledge, the tools and the talent, the desire, and dedication to enable the systems that serve us all. But, we will need to get better organized to bring it to reality.”

Mobilized reveals life on our planet as a holistic ecosystem of systems that all work together for the overall health of the whole. With multimedia experiences culminating during the week of Earth Day, 2022, we plan to spark a series of local to global conversations broken down into nine key sectors.

  • How Nature Guides Us towards a Healthier Co-Existence;
  • Creating inalienable community media hubs owned by the communities that serve those in the communities;
  • Creating Ecologic Economic systems that serve all life;
  • Electing Effective Leadership and Holding to it;
  • Agriculture and Food Systems that serve Human Rights without Harming the Planet;
  • Transforming education and media into life-long learning for the whole of society;
  • Amplifying evidence-based solutions for Affordable clean and renewable energy and transportation systems;
  • New and effective business models that build for life;
  • Design and Architecture in Balance with the Natural World;

The Mobilized Exchange and Production Hub

We have built an open-access global media hub that works as a collaborative media cooperative studio and production company to amplify these conversations. The Mobilized Exchange serves as a worldwide Commons features news without the noise, facts not fiction, and access for all. 

Additionally, a global production hub will debut in March for the co-creation of new and emerging projects owned by the individual project creators themselves.


Get Mobilized and Make Love Go Viral!
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