With millions of people working towards real system change, imagine what we can accomplish when we come together in solidarity!

SYSTEM CHANGE:  Not in 2030. Not in 2050. Now.

The Problem: Every year tens of thousands of people travel to international conferences with the hope of creating change.   While sometimes progress occurs, Mostly these events end in frustration and in broken promises. And when the events are over and the doors have closed, very little has changed.

If we cannot make the changes we want within the existing system, we must create a new system that enables these changes.

  • Our Solution:
  • To unite people in solidarity to share their wisdom and knowledge to go from idea into action;
  • Share the wisdom from communities worldwide so that people everywhere have access to the wisdom to take concerted action.
  • To transform from top-down, centrally controlled systems to decentralized and local systems that communicate with each other.
  • affordable and renewable clean energy, healthy and nutritious local foods, alt proteins and precision fermentation, to local and community media and ethical leadership that serves and nourishes the whole of community while supporting local businesses,
  • we, the people can reform and revitalize our systems, services and policies to serve the whole of society without harming our living planet which supports all life.

How we can do it?: 

  • Bringing power with the knowledge to take action for real holistic system change now on such an ambitious scale will require a seismic shift in how we communicate.
  • To bring it to life, we transform a “traditional” conference into an ongoing multimedia network built for ideas into action: A decentralized global communication network that works as a web of life for all life.
  • Democratizing wisdom and the knowledge to take action: Because people worldwide need the wisdom to take action, we believe that the knowledge to create change must not be held back behind costly institutional or corporate paywalls and therefore, everyone should have unlimited access to the evidence-based knowledge to understand where we’re at and how to get to where we want to be.
  • Mobilized.news is a powerful platform that is organized to inspire and empower the inner Einstein in all of us with  the free to access open exchange of ideas into action and the innovations for a healthier tomorrow, today.
  • Designed to provide evidence based knowledge for imagination empowered action, our stories reveal what we the people can do to restore balance to our planets living systems which support and nurture all life; by placing human dignity, law not war, respect for all life and basic human and planetary rights of nature at the central focus.
  • Through an interconnected network, our Broadcast television series, we invite you to take a front row seat as we explore our most pressing problems while solving them through a holistic lens and framework

Please join us for every Friday at 12 Noon Eastern Time starting in early January, 2023  for a lively and informative conversations on enabling systems change now: the future of energy and transportation, healthy and nutritious foods, education that nourished the heart and soul, ethical leadership and ecologic economics where you can invite you to join our dedicated, generous and inclusive community of communities worldwide who are already facilitating real change in their communities as they share their wisdom to you.

Through a holistic lens, we will show our world and human activity on it as a holistic ecosystem of systems which work and communicate in synergy with each other for the health of the whole.Together, we will harness the potential for individuals and communities to create a better future through the mobilized Exchange:

The Mobilized Exchange is being recorded to provide content for System Change Now and The Daily Do-It programs.

Your front row seat to the change you wish to create.

  • Join Hosts Jeff Van Treese (United States) and Amar Fernandez (Brazil) and friends as we discuss how we the people can bring forth real world systems that support and nourish ALL life.
  • These are live and virtual experiences that put you in the drivers seat and are recorded for broadcast.

What to anticipate?

  • Mobilized and through our broadcast partners, has created a weekly media experience with groups worldwide to launch our new short series, “The Daily Do-It.
  • Each week we will amplify the wisdom of experts who are creating real system change in their communities.
  • Join us weekly as you join passionate advocates for real system change and will discover what’s working while learning from the obstacles so they will be overcome.

Special participatory projects:

  • Television:
  • EXChange:
  • The Daily Do It wiki
  • International calendar
  • Careers board
  • Showcase of solutions