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The wisdom and knowledge for lasting change must not be kept behind academic or institutional paywalls. People everywhere need access to this information. The walls between us have been removed.

If you’re looking for real change, you’ve arrived at the right place. is your front row seat to the change you wish to create for the world:  People of the World Unite for the Common Good

A world in transition: The evolution of systems and services for true public / planetary service.

You know you want it:    Clean Air.  Healthy and nutritious foods.  Safe schools.  Ultimate health and wellness.  To love who we choose and worship the way we wish to worship.

But what are we getting?    Our leaders, systems services and policies are failing us. Imagine what we can do when we put our minds to it!

From idea to action:  Mobilized Transforms a ‘typical’ conference or exposition into a highly productive, interactive and participatory multimedia organism, a central hub of decentralized activity! 

No travel. No hotels. No planes. No conference centers, no bureaucracy, no nonsense. No admission fees. No cost to you.    No kidding.

Most systems put up walls. We’ve eliminated them entirely.

The wisdom and knowledge to take action must be accessible to all the people, all the time.  We the people, the media makers and earth shakers are uniting in solidarity to create a local to global collaborative media cooperative, owned by the people  for humanity’s next adventure: ultimate health and equilibrium.

In a concerted effort to amplify the stories of evidence-based solutions for a healthy people on planet, mobilized is transforming a traditional conference into a global media experience build for efficiency accuracy clarity and action.

Your future is in YOUR hands. 

Utilizing the best and effective digital tools and media to make this possible, Mobilized news and our partners are creating six key presentations focused on a 40 minute exchange of ideas into actions for solutions that people can take today and not wait 30 years for.

We’re going to bring in audiences from around the world to hear the experiences and amplify the stories that well-informed public is the most precious natural resource of them all

When the media experiences are over, nearby communities to join in with all of us and create our own action hubs, owned by the communities them self as we develop the worlds first solutions net work as a global comments and social action at work.

Why?    Because every year people converge at global conferences claiming to make the changes they want I want to find themselves frustrated and angry very little gets done, if you can’t  make the changes you want in the existing system, ,  it’s time to create a new system and that’s just what we’re doing.

Imagine collaborating with like-minded individuals around the world who refuse to sit on the sidelines as world leaders plunder the planets resources for the short term gain… and then…

Imagine continuing the conversations week after week with lively key presentations of people who have been there done that and continue to do the amazing giving advice based on  your knowledge of what people can do.

The walls between us have been removed.

Mobilizing a movement of movements: A well-informed public is the most precious natural resource of all:  We are media makers and earth-shakers, conscious creatives and activists.  Deep thinkers and inventors.  We unite in Solidarity to transform our systems, services and policies through a holistic lens that states: Everything is connected to Everything.

Mobilized is focusing on seven key interdependent sectors that are experiencing tremendous transformation.  If we get this right, we will have enabled an age of enlightenment and ultimate personal/planetary health. The sectors are:

The connection between planetary health and personal health:  With only sixty years left of healthy soil for health agriculture, we’ll have the understanding of what we can do at the local level while holding our leadership to account while enabling effective laws and policies of service.  We’ll also speak with professionals from the medical and wellness worlds on how we, the people, can make healthy choices that prevent heart disease and enable us to live healthier and happier lives.

Energy and Transportation:   We’ll discuss how people can enable localized energy systems, transportation as a service, and how we the people can hold power to account while pushing leadership to truly defend the rights of nature while putting laws and policies into place which protect our biosphere and the environment.

Food and Agriculture:  From serving the financial needs of food growers, understanding food soverignty, and how we will feed 8 Billion people.  Also, the understanding of the growing movements of plant-based protein, fermentation, local food production and more.

Information, Communications, Media and Education:  Since Information is the currency of Democracy, when information is corrupted by special interest groups, Democracy is short-circuited.    How can we implement and amplify transformative information, community, media and education systems that reveal the truth of our nature and provide the wisdom of experts who have revealed the interconnectedness of all live for ultimate health and well being?

We are going to harness the power and wisdom of media makers and earth shakers who have been on the front lines of media literacy, solutions media and progressive change beginning with our media systems.  And then, we will collaboratively build a media info-structure that serves the needs of people and planet without compromise, enabling a local to global commons, owned by the communities themselves.

Localization and Ecologic Economics:  As we have witnessed firsthand how our current supply chains have failed us, we will take a good look at the problems of globalization, the risks of continuing existing systems, the challenges of returning to the local,  the need for local production, and how local communities can take back control of a healthy local economies.

Building to Last, Materials and Resources:  We currently have a throw-away culture, tossing our trash into the streets, into the lands and water.  Part of the problem is the level of consciousness of the public.  Additionally, many of our products are produced with built-in obsolescence in mind (products produced to purposely break down in order to keep the public continually buying.)  How can communities and businesses including leaders from community development transform to build to last?  Who are some of the business leaders at the forefront of empowering real change? And most importantly, are we ready?

Ethical Leadership and Ecologic Economics:  Many of our current political systems cannot enable the changes we  need; they’re caught in a mix of beaurocracy, pay to play, and bought by special interest groups.  But the good news is that there are movements working towards removing money from politics, empowering communities to take control of their ecology and environmental issues, and ethical organizations around the world doing the right thing for public service.  We will have an enlightened conversation discussing the challenges of transformation towards ethical leadership, ecologic economics and true public service.

Your front row seat to the changes you wish to create in the world.

Mobilized is the unprecedented platform for open collaboration and communication between change makers, media makers and earth shakers who are committed to open collaboration for a better tomorrow, today.  On Mobilized, organizations can amplify their stories of solutions, media makers can discover these stories, and together we can empower others to make a difference in the world.

– A HIGHLY EVOLVED TELEVISION SERIES and PARTICIPATORY AND EXPERIENTIAL MEDIA EVENT dedicated to creating the systems, services and policies that serve the whole of life.

The largest collection of SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURS AND INNOVATORS who unite in Solidarity for the health of ALL LIFE.

– An continuous CELEBRATION of real innovation and invention an a global virtual experience, no borders, no costs, fully immersive and built for lasting change.

– Continual WEEKLY MEDIA EXPERIENCES  that we call “Mobilized Exchanges” held on Saturdays at 1 pm. ET (USA/Canada) 7 pm. CET/CAT.

– A local to global interactive EXHIBITION of real-world changing innovations and invention for the long run.

 – LOOKING FOR CHANGE? LOOK INSIDE!  What if the solutions we’ve been looking for have been right infront of our eyes the whole time!

– Inspired by nature, Powered by Passionate people, empowered by imagination, Mobilized is a hub for collaboration, co-creation, cooperation and the building of real communities, real friendships, real partnerships where people from all walks of life come to learn, overcoming misunderstandings and CREATE THE FUTURE.

 A network of experts in their fields, people who have been there, done that, and continue to do amazing things while inspiring the next generations to do the very same.

The hub of innovation decentralized: global learning and the amplification of shared wisdom on an epic scale.   Where thousands of conscious creatives unite under a common theme: “It wasn’t there—and it should be.”  Together we create and empower the very best to improve the quality of life for the health and well being of the people and the planet.

Some people sit in the sidelines others create the future welcome to the future the mobilize global digital event for immersive experience in circularity sustainability climate action affordable renewable clean energy

Progress has a new home:   One platform, start to finish.   Discover ways of realistically amplifying the stories of solutions while making valuable contacts and creating partnerships at our weekly Mobilized Exchanges.

Become a collaborator in creation of the new, powered by you:  We are the network that’s creating tomorrow, today.  As a conduit and creative catalyst, we connected conscious creatives with organizations and communities so that together, we can overcome misunderstandings and discover better ways of working together for a healthier coexistence.

Inspired and Empowered Experiences: Most systems put up barriers to entry. We’ve eliminated them entirely:  Be in the epicenter of conversations that are designed to overcome misunderstandings so that we can create better, without compromising on our integrity.   Be an important part of transforming ideas into real-world, solutions and projects.

An International Ecosystem of Opportunity:  Changing the world, one story at a time.  Connect, create partners, share your wisdom and learn from the others as you expand your Universal perspective.

Create the future:  Discover and create new opportunities.  We already possess everything we need to create the world we want. Now, let’s get busy.

A web of life for all life:  We show our world as an ecosystem of systems that work synergistically together for the health of the whole system.

The ongoing conversation:  The Mobilized ecosystem is designed  as an evidence-based platform filled with real social entrepreneurs who share their passions for a better tomorrow, today.  It’s a win-win for all that provides ongoing opportunities for constant creation.

Get Mobilized and Make Love Go Viral!

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