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“We are called to be the architects of the future and not its victims”

We are here to serve as a catalyst of media makers and earth shakers dedicated to creating a public media commons for the ultimate health and well-being of people, the planet and all life.

“Social entrepreneurs want to collaborate in order to achieve the SDGs, but there are many different social entrepreneurs working towards the SDGs in silos across the different thematic areas.  They have the same goals, but collaboration is hard to come by and what often happens is that there’s not enough funding or resources and you end up competing against those you should be working with because of the way the ecosystem has been put together.

“A lot of social entrepreneurs are therefore just surviving, rather than thriving, and that’s the piece of the jigsaw that most fascinates me: how do we shift the sector from survive mode and thrive.” –Michael Santi, CEO, Bite the Ballot

What if we harnessed the power and potential of social movements to create a global catalyst as a social action network, a media commons?

Reality Check:   We are experiencing the greatest transformation of our lifetimes. The End of the Industrial Age and the Beginning of The Age Of Enlightenment—A time of realization that the old ways no longer work for us.

To go forward, there is no going back, unless you want a world of constant struggle, constant consumption, a world of have’s and have nots; a world of illusions that lead ways to violence.

A new world is possible. It is already emerging.  With millions of people around the world already working on projects but disconnected one another, how is it that there’s not a network and platform that is dedicated to uniting them in Solidarity to AMPLIFY and MOBILIZE their ideas into ACTION?  Mobilized has filled that void.

Imagine what we can create when we unite in Solidarity for the ultimate health and well-being of all people and the planet.

We are collaboratively building the worlds first open collaboration network for ultimate health and well-being for  ALL LIFE.

A transformation of systems and services.  Systems and services that are dedicated to serving humanity. All of humanity, without exceptions.  And if we get this right, We will be able to create the type of world that does not harm our planetary resources.

A world where we can all thrive. A world where our communications services build bridges of understanding (instead of walls.) A world where we learn to coexist in harmony with the natural World. A world where we learn to accept out planetary boundaries without living outside of them.

And a world where we can overcome our misunderstandings while finding better ways of working together.

But we have a question for you.

Are you ready?

We can either continue going the way we’ve been going. (Building walls, creating massive debt, crisis after crisis, war after war,) or

We can unite in Solidarity for the health and Well-being of all.

The choice is yours, because your future is truly in our hands.

All of our hands. We are One:1 World.

The love and dreams of those who came before us reside in our hearts. The love of future generations resides in our actions.

Get active. Get Mobilized. Join us in our adventure.

Get Mobilized and Make Love Go Viral!

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