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Mobilized Mantra: It is time for a New Story

People empowered media.

A vision for a better tomorrow, today:

  • We already possess everything we need to enable this vision. But, of course, it will take time, and the time will be well invested.  
  • But, the reality is all of this can be accomplished if we get off of our egos, take a look around, and realize that we have everything we need to enable a world that works for all of life. 

 “It is now highly feasible to take care of everybody on Earth at a ‘higher standard of living than any have ever known.’ It no longer has to be you or me. Selfishness is unnecessary and henceforth unrationalizable as mandated by survival.” ~ R. Buckminster Fuller

  • Mobilized shines a light on what we can do to transform the world we share.
  • Mobilized introduces people worldwide who have discovered better living methods that are more sustainable and balanced with the natural world.
  • Mobilized produces a weekly television series delivered through broadcast, satellite, and cable delivery systems and on-Demand streaming services.

Mantra: Our future is NOW.

It is the year 2042—twenty years from today. We have healed our lands, rivers, and oceans. Biodiversity is thriving. People everywhere are living healthier and more fulfilling lives. Poverty and world hunger no longer plague us. Our schools empower and nurture the children.

Older generations are cared for and respected, not placed in institutions managed by Wall Street.

Competition has been replaced by Cooperation. Our world leaders are no longer thieves who plunder the planet while failing the people they are supposed to be serving.

Our systems, services, and policies serve all of life, including the planet’s life.

Sounds like a fantasy? It is an only fantasy until we, the people, come together to bring it to life.

A World that works for all: Here are the stories of how WE, The People, DID IT.

  • People realized that the old way was no longer working and went back to science and nature to build our foundations on.
  • Our laws and policies are based on Universal laws that serve and protect all life, all of nature, the animals, men, women, children, older generations, and the disabled.
  • We have learned to adapt toward holistic thinking and actions whose decision-making process embraces the whole of life as one extensive ecosystem of systems that all work synergistically for the optimal health of the whole.
  • Education has been transformed from debt-induced diploma mills into lifelong learning from concept to practice.
  • Local economies have been revitalized, with power has been taken away from multinational, transnational corporations and businesses.
  • Violence and wars over property and resources have been replaced and resolved by mutual understanding and nonviolent dialogues between conflicting parties.
  • We realized that a well-informed and nurtured society was the most valuable resource.

The ongoing struggles, violence, protests, and system failure caused us to rethink and take action; instead of short-term shortcuts repairing broken roads with band Aid solutions, we created better pathways.

Energy and Transporation: Transformed from fossil fuels to affordable and renewable clean energy

Food and Agriculture: Transformed from short-term Industrial-aged systems that pollute the planet, fail the farmers and growers, and destroy natural habitats toward service systems for all.

Healthcare: Empowering the ultimate health of humanity, including physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health without iniquity, understanding that the food we put into our bodies serves us as energy, and we know how to take conscious actions for our collective, ultimate health instead of sick care.

Education: Transforming from debt-enabled diploma mills for jobs that won’t exist or pushing massive competition towards lifelong learning systems in balance with the natural world for a healthier coExistence.

The Arts, Expression and Creativity: Non-judgemental, the elimination of Awards shows devised to promote hidden corporate agendas, including ratings that enable mass consumption, destroying life and living as we know it.

Cooperation: Transforming systems from competition to Cooperation:

From Competition: only wealth is important, blindly follows market forces and is no longer feasible; led to the hoarding of resources and wealth; wreckless extreme environmental/human exploitation and degradation; war-based economy. Separated people and nations between haves and have-nots, treated people like livestock, and resulted in totalitarianism and oligarchy disguised as democracy, widespread corruption, organized crime, global unrest, disequilibrium, and employment——–

Towards Cooperation: all people contribute to the greater good, each according to their talents. Everyone is important. Decisions are made by and for the people. Works for all. Leads to the creation of intelligent, Sustainable systems, Sharing (the wise distribution of resources), fair trade, fair wages, fair profits, Justice, Peace, and Health.

Science: Is valued as the ongoing pursuit of discovery where discoveries bring us closer to improving systems, services, and policies that support and represent the whole of life.

Democracy: Transformed from pay-to-play systems of corporate lobbying towards designs that genuinely represent the long-term needs of the people in balance with the natural world.

Children: Valued and Nurtured, Empowered towards Ethical Leadership and Decision Making

Info-communication: Transformed from oppressive systems and programming that dis-empowers people while promoting the need for massive consumption and consumerism towards communication systems that empower the whole of life.

Materials and Resources: Transformed from harvesting and mining systems to localized non-destructive production systems.

Economics: Transformed from systems that enslave people into poverty, debt, mental illness, leading to ongoing wars and violence, oppression to ecologic economics which serve the whole of life.

Ethical Leadership: Transformed from crooks and liars towards true ethical leaders where the systems that enable ethical leaders are un-corruptable, practical, and moral.

We are, a next-Generation Production Cooperative that is  building a movement of conscious creators, artists, producers and architects, media makers, and Earth shakers who refuse to sit on the sidelines as leadership destroys the quality of life for everyone else.

Together, we embrace all life and come together to share our wisdom and knowledge for everyone to build on it.

We believe in possibilities and take action to create them.

To enable these ideas into action, a global information and production commons has been created, maintained, and owned by the people. As a result, it has grown and thrived.

Please join us at to enable the world we want because:

A well-informed society is the most valuable resource of them all.

The love and hopes of those who came before us reside in our hearts; the love of future generations resides in our actions.


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