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Mobilized LIVE! An Empowered World. Are we finally ready?

An Empowered World. Are We Ready?

We all want a healthy population and planet. But our existing systems are denying us it. So, to change the world, we need a new story. The story of global collaboration like never before.

From around the world and to your home: Evidence-based, Scientifically-backed Ideas-into-Action:

An information upgrade whose time is now.

We, the People of the world, need a vision that unites us in Solidarity for the health and well-being for all life, including the life of our beautiful planet.  

But archaic systems of the past are not capable of bringing us there. To get there, we need a new operating system. A system for all life without any harm to our beautiful planet.

Mobilized is bringing together a peerless group of experts from the arts and sciences, media makers and Earth shakers to discuss, in a clear-cut, easy-to-understand style, how We the People can navigate the changes that have emerged and will continue to emerge from disruption and create the type of world that we all want. Health and well-being for all the people and our beautiful planet.


An empowered world: We are so ready!

As the corporate world struggles for world domination, we the people of the world, realize that the greatest resource of all is well informed Global citizenry. While industrial aged systems are collapsing in front of our eyes, new systems of real public service are emerging. It is time to tell and create a new story a story of unity for are mobilized.


Millions of people are already working to build a better world. What if we joined forces to create real systems change?

Join the environmentalists, media makers and earth shakers unite for evolutionary media platform and events recorded for TV broadcast


An invitation to become an important collaborator and instigator of a healthier world.

For too many years, we have lived our lives based on a story of illusion of everything being separate from one another; when the reality is everything is interconnected and interdependent.


Something that happens in one part of the world has an impact and effect on something that happens in another part of the world.

While the corporate world is trying to find its footing, there are conscious creatives in all parts of the world that have developed real-world solutions that can be acted on now.


There are solutions for clean energy, clean water, clean air, healthier communities and improvements in the quality of life (both personal and planetary.)

But bringing this wisdom to people on such a large scale requires a seismic shift in how we communicate. Our existing communications networks cannot deliver this message, as the message goes against their existing business model.

Therefore, to deliver the messages and wisdom effectively and without compromise or interference, we need a public Communications hub featuring an interdependent production to help tell the stories while amplifying the solutions.


There are communities all around the world already engaged with these Solutions but they need to be amplified properly and effectively for effective impact.

Please join us for the ongoing conversation dedicated to the future of community power, planetary personal health and well-being, shoeing communities everywhere how people around the world can lead a citizen led movement for Better Together.


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The Mobilized News Network features a centralized Hub of decentralized actions, Community media hubs owned by the communities themselves, a motion picture documentary, a new network television series, and weekly conversations between communities around around the world.


To change the world we have to change the story.


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