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New Media for a New World

Your front row seat to the changes you wish to create in the world.

Every great change has been started and created by The People.

We believe that if information is the lifeblood of a healthy society. We hope you share our belief. But when information and the truth of our co-existence is corrupted by outside forces and specialized interest groups trying to destabilize us, we  become diseased and dysfunctional.  In order to solve our problems while preventing new ones from arising, a new kind of media must be established.

Mobilized is a new kind of media for a new kind of world.  Functional media.

In a concerted effort to expand the reach of evidence-based knowledge dedicated to solving our ecologic and continual humanitarian crises, a passionate group of producers, academics, artists, social activists and citizens on all continents have united in solidarity to co-create a collaborative media resource and platform dedicated to empowering our collective human potential at a time of crisis.
  • At this critical time in history, it’s clear that all of our efforts for solving our continual pandemics and crises must take our inner well-being into consideration.
  • At the very heart of today’s ongoing global challenges including our current pandemic, economic and ecologic breakdown, the failure of leadership and every level, the failure of media and communications to properly serve and nourish the citizens and their souls of society, is a profound crisis of imagination, disconnection and information overload.   From mental illness and loneliness loneliness, isolation racial profiling racism tribalism and numerous misunderstandings, our disconnection from each another is causing overwhelming suffering for people and the planet.
  • As Albert Einstein said, you cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them
  • It is time to tell a new story. A story of global Unity Grace sustainable, regenerative, and healthy people and planet.

There are millions engaged and active citizens protesting, marching, occupying and rebelling against what doesn’t work.  But we need to do much more than that.  We must transform from critics to creators.  We must tell a new story of cooperation so that we can embrace new paradigms and put them into place.

For many decades, we’ve been advised and counseled for the need for change.  Whether it’s the campaigns against pollution, campaigns against child labor, campaigns for health care for all, there is something we need to do.

As Bucky Fuller said, “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” 
We are artists and producers, scientists and social activists, media makers and Earth shakers who refused to sit on the sidelines well global leaders continue to plunder the planet for their own selfish short-sighted games. We recognize that Mobilized l is part of a growing global movement for social change. In this spirit, we welcome new partners—as together—we strive to create a world that truly embraces our shared humanity.

Looking forward to Looking forward: A Vision for the Future: Inspired by Nature, Powered by Passionate People, emPowered by Imagination

— We are at an evolutionary moment in human history. The confluence of crises has created an “existential crisis” for our species – do we want to continue to exist or not?

— The mega-crisis has created a mega-opportunity. Einstein (and Bucky) each say a problem cannot be solved at the level it was created, and that we need to focus our attention on creating anew rather than reiterating the old. In other words we need to get off the old battlefield onto a new playing field – out of the matrix, into the creatrix.

— Due to the corporate structures of mass consumer media, social media and mainstream media marketing to “silos”,  there is a tremendous amount of polarization and mistrust. There is no agreed upon, evidence-based reality a la Walter Cronkite. That means, we are not merely divided into separate positions but separate realities.

— In spite of the polarization, more than 75% of us want to work together to solve problems. Riane Eisler, in her books The Chalice and the Blade and the Partnership Society, writes that the true nature of matriarchal society is not domination by women but domination by no one. Science now is showing our evolutionary imperative is to cooperate, and the collective unconscious is coming to this realization.

— We must replace domination, extraction and exploitation with collaboration, cooperation and cultivation. The people of the world are aching to make this leap, but the institutions of the world are largely bought into the status quo because their own status depends on. Consequently, “progressives” seek to reform rather than reformulate, to apply Band-Aids to hemorrhages. Mobilized must be instrumental in bringing forth this transition.

The missing piece – or missing peace, if you will – is the sane and sacred center.
Because there is not a commonly sensed sense of the sacred that includes and transcends both religion and non-religion, there is a spiritual and moral vacuum at the center of our society, and the unchecked, unbalanced and unmitigated power of the “3M’s” – money, materialism and the machine – has filled the vacuum. And now only the Golden Rule can overrule the rule of gold.

Our current transition can be likened to the caterpillar’s transmutation into butterfly.
Think of the metaphor thusly. A caterpillar is an organism that consumes 26,000 times its own weight over the course of its lifetime. Talk about a consumer! The butterfly is a lighter-than-air being that spreads sweetness and pollinates new life. Inside the chrysalis – as we are now – the caterpillar cells are deconstructing and nascent butterfly cells called “imaginal cells” are emerging. As these imaginal cells grow in number and weave a connection with one another, the caterpillar dissolves and the butterfly gets ready to emerge. We are the landing place and launching place for these human “imaginal cells” that can imagine a healthier world.

Mobilized is a gathering place to accelerate the “caterpillar into butterfly” process. We create a landing place for those who hold and are ready to live the “butterfly values” and recognize themselves as imaginal cells. We provide a place for that imagination and vision to come out and play, offer educational, informational and inspirational programs, events, videos, books, ideas to these awakening cells, and then create a gathering place for collaboration and working with and through transformational ongoing projects.

Mobilized has a unique opportunity to host truth-seeking conversations. In the absence of a media that actually “mediates”, and given the contacts and connections we already have, we have the opportunity to convene congruent conversations and build trust as an independent information source and space to bring forth a new, agreed-upon, evidence-based reality.

Mobilized has the potential to become a social activist network. Unlike Facebook and other social media, we don’t sell your information or manipulate you into positions. We do have the potential for our members to have their own pages supporting the projects, organizations and businesses they love … AND … we have the technology to enable the “WE-distribution of financial wellbeing” via affiliate programs.


To create a global information and communications network that uplifts the soul of society so that together, we the people, can have a full understanding of what we can do to truly enable a world that works.  We know our leaders have failed us and will continue to fail us.

Our Focus Areas

People. Planet. Purpose.

Health and Well-being of People, Planet and all life—We seek to have a better understanding of the inter-connectedness of all life and how our actions create impact.  Dialogues and multimedia programming that go further down the rabbit hole to show the evidence-behind our existing realities and the preventative measures and actions that each and everyone of us can take today to enable a healthier people, planet with purpose.

Compassionate Communities—We explore how the inner workings of the mind influence the formation of the views, behaviors, and social systems that separate us, and the role of contemplative practice in creating more compassionate communities. Our efforts include taking steps to steps to diversify the field of contemplative science.

Human-Earth Connection—We investigate how the union of contemplative wisdom and science can lead to greater awareness of the interconnectedness of all life—and action—to support and sustain both individuals and the earth’s living systems. Areas of study include how contemplative practice influences how people experience and respond to climate change, and the role of earth-honoring practices in reawakening our collective responsibility as stewards of our planetary future.

Re-Localization as a Pathway to Climate Action
The one thing that separates a true grassroots climate mitigation program from “Astroturf” is the focus on regenerating the soil and the microbiome, and transitioning from petroleum-based agribusiness to organic farming. In bringing together Helena Forsberg-Hodge and the Climate Kids we are in a unique position to give climate activists an opportunity to build their own institutions rather than begging for policy change from “upstairs.” In addition to the concert, we want to create a summit that includes Restoring the Ecology and Regenerating the Economy through re-localized food, energy and money (i.e., Public and community banking).

Creating Our Sane and Sacred Center
The key to creating “heartland security”, the love-based alternative to the fear-based homeland security, is making sure that a commonly-understood sense of love, of heart, of goodness, is at the center of every organization that seeks to transform politics, economics and social dynamics. Here is where the work Norlyn and his colleagues are doing to activate faith-based values of “care for creation” and eliminating poverty offer a great bridge between religious, spiritual-but-not-religious, and secular ethical forces to find a common center. This is one of the first summits I want to plan.

COVID and the Medical Matrix
Perhaps the most valuable thing we can do in the midst of this pandemic is to provide evidence-based information on both the prescribed treatments for COVID, as well as suppressed alternatives. Just as the 911 attacks were used to institute the so-called Patriot Act and spying on American citizens, this COVID crisis has led to unprecedented controls on our individual and collective behavior. Alarm over Orwellian communications and totalitarian measures, has created enough of a backlash to almost re-elect Donald Trump. Somewhere between the Bill Gates conspiracy theory and the Fauci “vaccination is the only solution” is the truth. We want to create a conversation that opens eyes, minds, and yes … hearts.

Given the networks we are already in touch with, we can support / co-sponsor forums on Restoring the Ecology, Renewing the Economy, Reimagining Democracy, and Empowering a Trustworthy Media. Since I agree that our fundamental function is not to be an event-delivery project, for each or any of these, we would need a formidable co-sponsor that can handle the structural details, and we become the marketing / promo arm.


Ecologic Economics

New Paradigms


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