The Future is Now

As the corporate world struggles for world domination, We the People of the World realize that a well-informed global citizenry is the strongest natural resource of all.  With this realization, Mobilized transforms and elevates the conference experience into an ongoing fully participatory interactive media action center. No travel, no hotels, no costs, no bureaucracy, no aggravation, no kidding.

Re-imagining the Way We  Create the Future

Every year, thousands of people from around the world continue to attend the same conferences over and over again.  No matter where one lives, these conferences all have the same thing in common: When the doors close, the actions stop. (and then continue, again, the following year….and the following year…kicking the can a bit further down the block without creating the changes we need in the world for optimal health.

  • Real system change happens not in a boardroom or a conference center; it happens in local communities.
  • It is time to amplify the stories of what’s working and inspire communities worldwide to put real world solutions into practice.
  • Imagine transforming a traditional conference into an ongoing media network, taking inspired ideas into action in your community.
  • A changing world needs a platform for communities everywhere to understand and adapt to the changes.
  • An empowered world. Are we ready?

Going Deeper Now:
THE MOBILIZED Global Summit for System Change Now

Every year, thousands of people attend large global events dedicated to creating system change. These events end with the same result: When the events are over and the doors are closed and locked, nothing has changed.

If we cannot create the changes we need for optimal health within the existing system(s), then we must create the systems ourselves.

Welcome to the (r)Evolution in System Change Now.

THE MOBILIZED Global Summit for System Change Now
From around the world into your home or office
Wednesday, 29 March – Friday, 31 March, 2023

Mobilized is bringing together an incredible group of artists and scientists, media makers and earth shakers for our global summit for system change. We’ll take a good look how we can create healthier communities without harming the planet, create local economies, food and energy systems, and re-imagine education for life-long learning. It’s what we want, the way we want it.

Millions of people in thousands of organizations are already developing or currently living with real systems that serve and nourish their communities.

Imagine what we can accomplish when we come together, united in Solidarity for our collective health and well-being?

Creating a better future is not about ignoring the current systems: it’s about abandoning them. We already have everything we need to bring real system change to communities.

But bringing this information to people on such a large scale requires a transformational shift in how we communicate. Since most of our current communications systems are either compromised by industrial-Age advertisers or special interest groups,

We, the People of the World—-will create our own communications network, inspired by Nature, Powered by Passion and Empowered by Imagination.

Please join the team at Mobilized News for lively and informative conversations on how We, the People, can bring about the systems that serve all of life.

This is a live virtual event.

What to anticipate?

Mobilized has partnered with communities and initiatives worldwide to launch We, the People, We the Power, a local-to-global media production cooperative revealing the stories from communities around the world who are taking action in their own communities.

Around the world, people are democratizing energy, creating improved food systems by localizing and decentralizing. New and improved quality of living standards. And it’s happening around the world into your home or office.

The conversations lead towards an evolution in systems creation; by learning from nature, we can bring forward a world that works for the optimal health and well-being of all the people and the planet.

Ongoing opportunities will be addressed, as well as overcoming the obstacles that get in the way.

Special idea-into-action conversations include:

  • Creating legally enforceable rights of nature laws in your community
  • The Importance of Localization and Decentralization
  • Democratizing Knowledge for Action
  • The Transformation of Food Systems
  • The transformation of energy
  • Another Scientists Warning for Humanity: If not now, then WHEN?

Registration is Free. Please use the form below to sign up.

Thank you.