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Mobilized for Earth Shakers

-A Web of Light for ALL Life-

Dear All,

We are a  new kind of network for a new and kinder world. We understand that our existing, traditional corporate media outlets in incapable of truly serving anyone but their sponsors and therefore, we have  united in solidarity for the health of all the people, of all life, including the health of our planetary home.

Mobilized is building a new kind of platform for our collective potential.  We belief that we already possess the solutions for a world that works, and that we the people are the greatest resource of them all.  Imagine what we can do when we come work together for the common good of all.

Mobilized is a carefully moderated platform.

Millions of people are already working to build a better world. What if we joined forces to create real systems-level change?

If you would like to join us as a collaborator in creation, please sign up here.  You will soon be invited into one of our “Smarter Conversations” where we will get to know each other.

Read our principles here. Discover our ecosystem here.  Find out how to add content here.

And please understand that in order to maintain consistency of quality and to make sure of the quality of our membership, we request that everyone answers a few questions;   Anyone who breached our TERMS OF SERVICE or ETHICAL PRINCIPLES CODE OF ETHICS will be removed.  Thank you for understanding.

Our Objectives:

Long-term objectives:

  • To build up an evidence-based, imagination empowered information and communications network of shared wisdom and knowledge that lead to actions for a sustainable, regenerative world
  • To overcome misunderstandings and work better together
  • To enable the creation of decentralized local media and communication hubs that work in harmony with one another]
  • To amplify stories of solutions while empowering imagination
  • To find better ways of working together, building bridges of understanding while empowering communities, those who live, work and play there

Short-term objectives:

  • To provide a centralized hub of decentralized, evidence-based  information which is relevant to the present needs of citizens everywhere.
  • To empower citizens and local communities to take the actions necessary for a truly sustainable and regenerative planet
  • To empower the genius found in each and everyone to help realize their true potential
  • To create a global hub of wisdom that empowers individuals to self-correct problems by looking for the root causes before trying to solve the problems
  • To create a series of decentralized community hubs that work with one another to help overcome misinformation
  • To create a friction-free platform that people will want to use as a valued resource
  • To help solution providers and enablers amplify and mobilize their stories
  • To tell the stories of what we can do when we work together.
  • To promote local, regional, national and international cooperation and serve as a liaison and catalyst for exchange of evidence-based information that enable actions to be taken today and tomorrow (and not just in thirty years)
  • To create an efficient, distraction-free communications network for problem solvers
  • To educate, inform, inspire and empower healthier ways of living and co-existing
  • To promote equal exchange of information between developing communities and those who live, work and play there

It is very easy to sign up and register your  organizations, activities, or initiatives.

If you have any questions or need help with the registration, please contact us through this form or directly by email here

In order to contribute to the conversations, you need to be a member of this network. Membership is free and we are a carefully-monitored platform which aligns with our ethical principles in order to maintain the health of the system.  You can register here.

Once you have an account you can:

  • Add content to our constantly evolving platform
  • Participate in our weekly and monthly SMARTER CONVERSATIONS
  • Register your initiative, project, organization and/or cooperative
  • Add information to our news network (please see how to’s here and ethical policies here)
  • Propose an Activity or a SMARTER CONVERSATION
  • Share your wisdom, action, knowledge, passion
  • Create an Initiative
  • Learn how to amplify and accelerate your ideas into action

More information :

  • Please tell me more about your network
  • Who is the team behind Mobilized?
  • What are your ethical principles?
Get Mobilized and Make Love Go Viral!

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