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Mission Statement

Mobilized News is featured three times weekly on Free Speech TV.

 A bridge to tomorrow.  The walls between us have been removed.

When it comes to real world solutions, innovation has to be a team effort.   Solving our problems while preventing new ones requires collaboration, not proprietary thinking.

Mobilized is the leader in experiential solutions media.


Inspire, guide, and enable people to have a deeper, richer, and more fulfilling media experience that brings out our very best. To show the world as it is, as a global ecosystem of systems that work in synergy for the ultimate health and well-being of all life.”

Building bridges for experiential movements

 There’s a whole new world waiting to be revealed. A world of cooperation, affordable and renewable clean energy and transportation, healthy and nutritious locally grown foods and beverages, a world where we learn to overcome our misunderstandings to live a more beneficial and more peaceful coexistence in balance with the natural world.

Access for All: Your front row seat to the changes you wish to create in the world.

 In a world of information overload, we provide an un-compromising resource, a platform to connect and experience, to share our collective genius while creating better. No travel. No hotels. No uncomfortable conference centers. No bureaucracy. No aggravation. No kidding. Because a well-informed society is the most powerful and precious natural resource.


  • Depth and Access – We uncover the root causes of problems to reveal how to prevent new ones from emerging.
  • Our Future is Cooperative-  We work with a fantastic group of pioneers in experts in their fields to show, with accuracy, a better way forward.
  • Amplifying the stories of authentic leadership –-from around the world into your home or office, offering ideas into action from those who have been there, done ‘that’ and continue to lead extraordinary lives
  • We lead the leaders- our audience is on top of their game and dedicated to sharing their wisdom. Everything shared is something that brings us closer together.
  • Local to global perspective–We show the world as it truly is, as an ecosystem of systems that work synergistically for the health of the whole
  • Clarity above All:  News without the noise helps to overcome misunderstandings for a healthier coexistence
  • Public Service–We uncover the stories of what’s working while learning from what’s not and why!
  • Compassionate– We believe that putting compassion for all life enables a healthier coexistence.
  • Evidence-based-– Our team is not for sale. We take no outside funding and cannot be bought or sold.
  • Access for All– People everywhere need full access to the wisdom and knowledge to action for a healthier and more peaceful coexistence.
  • Collaborative and Cooperative–-We provide a communal media cooperative for the development and production of local productions
  • Ethical and Transparent--Mobilized is a carefully monitored platform. No bots or attacks are allowed.
  • Democratized Knowledge- Truth is not a Commodity.
  • A global commons built on an ethical foundation for Change- To amplify the wisdom available to everyone without compromise, Mobilized is built on a foundation based on “The Commons.” Mobilized is inalienable, not saleable or transferable. Communities own their creation and stories.
  •  Better understanding– Scientists created the Web to work better together and overcome misunderstandings. It has been compromised by special interest groups and turned into a global shopping mall filled with lies, misinformation, propaganda, and walls that separate us. We built this resource to overcome misunderstandings and discover better ways of working together.
  • Translatable–— All stories are translatable into a multitude of languages. Please see the TRANSLATE button at the bottom left corner to translate into another language.
  • Localized- We provide community leaders with an un-compromised platform to amplify their stories while maintaining their media ownership.



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