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It’s time to redefine our relationship with this blue planet.

Dear friends and Colleagues,

As the corporate world is trying to find its footing (a new level of world domination), there is a whole new universe of social entrepreneurs and conscious creatives breaking through the entrenchment. Committed to a better way of being, these entrepreneurial endeavors have created a “tell” about new paradigms and how we are moving towards them.

Established dominant news, entertainment and social media systems are self-enslaved to a top-down, neoliberal economic system. This lowest common denominator consensus in media method and content was at its worst with our recent US president. This deliberate disregard for what in America is the “commons” why and what we share politically and economically, has been more damaged then ever. As with Covid 19 our daily discourse clearly shows us that the peoples understanding of evidence based truth has become harder and harder to find, select, or comprehend. This is a progression not an anomaly.

Since the 40’s corporations, military, and government in the US took over innovations and economic control in all fields of R & D and breakthrough innovations. The measurements of the impacts of this monopolistic confluence brought about a steady decline in solutions based knowledge transfer into the education and commercial sectors of American society. Defending the status quo was the only way to stay in the corporate ‘club’ and most outside, out of the box entrepreneurial endeavors got cut out from funding. These innovations being out of the public eye as the big media’s “power grab” was in acquiring increasing revenues from the American political culture wars was cemented together. Infrastructure deterioration, pot wars, skyrocketing education costs, sluggish job growth, and a lack of problem solving motivation are hallmarks a poor leadership and ignorance among the citizens.

What if we harnessed the power and potential of communities, built local to global consensus, informed citizens so that we can bring about healthier ecosystem and happier well-being-ness of people for the long-term?

Mobilized has created an evolutionary ecosystem that works as a holistic organism. Our goals are as clear as a bright blue sky. We are here to discover ways to amplify the wit and wisdom, of our collective consciousness and apply new knowledge of better ways for us and our communities to operate our ecosystems locally and globally.

The greatest schools have no walls.
In his groundbreaking book, “Gaia,” originally published in 1975, James Lovelock, author and independent scientist who worked on the NASA space program stated that “The life on Earth functions as a single organism which actually defines and maintains conditions necessary for its survival. Disclaiming the conventional belief that living matter reacts passively in the face of threats to its existence, Lovelock states that the earths living matter–air, ocean and land surfaces–forms a complex system which has the capacity to keep our planet a fit place for life.”

Fast forward to the present.
Over the course of the past 200 years, humanity’s Industrial-Aged thinking and Neoliberal Economic Policies have led to the destruction of what it took Mother Nature billions of years to create. For many years, we have been warned, advised and counseled by some of the most brilliant minds in the world that “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.”

But here we are, one year into a global pandemic, 5 years after the Paris Agreement, and year after year leaders travel to global conferences, summits, expositions to discuss their lofty goals and then turning their backs on their commitments before the ink to their pens go dry. And at the same time, leadership at every level continues to plunder the planets resources for their own selfish, short-term needs instead of truly doing the right thing.

A Web of Life for ALL Life: We are here to harness the power and potential of people everywhere to actually bring a better world together.

A healthy planet starts with the healthy soil, air, water and action. And to continually deliver the wisdom and evidence-based knowledge required for systematic change, we are uniting people from multiple sectors from over 150 nations to come together and collectively share and amplify their wisdom so people everywhere know what they can do.

Imagine collaboratively modeling an ideal integrated multimedia network, a cooperative and complimentary series of social enterprises showcasing the most ethical policies, initiatives and advanced technologies within its very DNA. This includes focus on equality, quality of life, personal growth, individuality, unconditional love, human rights, civil rights, transparency, privacy, accountability and open collaboration.

Paradigm shift: We can continue the ways we have been going (enslaved to debt, faulty leadership, pollution of the soil, water, air, food and dysfunctional systems—or we can rise up and create better together.


What’s happening Saturday, June 19, 2021

Big business, corporate Agriculture, government and civic leaders around the world treat everything as a commodity. How soon will they ask us to pair for our rations of air or water?

Here in America (and in many parts of the world), we experience a toxic world where our health is constantly at risk due to the poisoning and compromising of our soils and environments. Healthy soil brings about healthy foods with healthy nutrients. Unhealthy soils create food without the proper nutrients people and planet require for sustenance. (ionic energy exchange) How can we harness the collective wisdom of experts to amplify the actions required for a healthy co-existence? How do we get there? What is the plan?

Starting on June 19, 2021, we will have open discussions which lead to action through localization, and co-creation. focusing on what we believe is the better foundation for food and health.

While the solutions to our problems exist, many haven’t been shared outside of the closed-door meetings, silos and conference centers. It is very important that we as a human community everywhere have access to the wisdom and truth without compromise.

(Some of the discussions we will experience include:)

• Visions and Stewardship Actions to take better care of life on planet Earth.
• Searching for Collaborative Solutions with Listening Sessions and Dialogues.
• Understanding integrating ecology and its autonomy
• Restoring the soil and the nutritional quality of food, no hormones, eliminate obesity
• Understanding environmental justice
• Understanding biodiversity for the “common man and woman”
• These issues are for the health of human lives and not just the planet.
• The Earth will survive us, so how can we live in balance?
• Regenerative solutions for climate catastrophe
• How soil is the solution for climate restoration
• The Savory Institute on Holistic Management frameworks to solve our problems including Desertification
• Bad food choices leading to disease and pandemics
• Understanding what happens when seeds become modified? How does this affect planetary and human health
• Soil is connected to the economy: mass production agriculture—turned into garbage.
• Who are some of the Social Entrepreneurs Building the Future
• Re localization for an Enduring Ecologic Economy
• Pathways to a Just Future, Re-growth, Localization, Eco socialism and other Alternatives
• Learning from nature
• Harnessing the collective power from those in the trenches
• Examples of civilizations that have declined due to poor soil and Ag.
• Everything connects
• De-growth, ideas, what it means, why it is connected with the idea of decolonization.
• Building with Nature, not vs. it
• A transition from Globalization to Localization: The Big Picture Activism Anja and/or Helena
• A living breathing system needs healthy nutrients
• Creating the future you want to see

What’s Happening Sunday, June 20, 2021

If you were to create a society from scratch, while learning from the mistakes and successes of the past, what systems and services and principles would you put into place for a healthy, peaceful and sustainably regenerative co-existing for all life?

Media as a Public Service:
Imagine being brought into a world where the media does more than report on the latest political scandal, but empowers, inspires, informs and educates the soul of society to reach higher and do more than “just exist”. Come explore your interests and unleash your creative potential for the new paradigm of “peace and prosperity” Prophecy says that there would come a time where humanity would be forced to turn from the instruments of war and have the opportunity to beat them into plow shares. That time is upon us.

Public Health Systems:
Soil, food, nutrition and health require an evolutionary paradigm shift from just disease treatment and sick care to understanding whole systems, appropriate diets for differing constitutions, alternative integrated health practices for optimal vibrant living.

Education that Empowers the Individual and the Collective for Sustainability:
Transforming school systems, that only forced memorization of past information, as the essential metric to freely accessible, transparent, self governing digital media infrastructure that empowers the individual is essential as Covid 19 demonstrated. As collective humanity, how we understanding our world and our place in it as a living breathing symmetry will determine our quality of life.

This representational Web of Life will become universally available as life long curricula so society cannot be so easily divided by selfish and power hunger politicians or leaders. With an every increasing understanding of problems and implementation of solutions at the grass roots to global scale we can begin trusting our actions and each other. The emergence of local to global context’s are key. Communications and tools at Mobilized.News is how and where. Remember that health, peace and democracy are outcomes and consequences of whole systems working synergic ally together.

Energy and Transportation
There are numerous organizations and initiatives developing plans for energy that does not harm life on our planet. We want to know exactly what they are and how they work. From local energy and transportation grids, to how they are financed and operated. Transparency and carbon capture are essential frameworks.

Business and Finance
Transforming from hierarchical economics to regionally and socially distributed ecologic economics.

Going from Built-in obsolescence towards Built-to-Last
Most of the products we are sold like communications (i-phones and Androids) to building materials and automobiles are built to break down and be replaced. How can we transform from a break-down society to one that builds to last. Help us create a real time evidence based durability index.
Wanted! Cooperation! Business as a driving force of change

We’re going to take a good look at the businesses of Main Street, not Wall Street; the local businesses leading the way for the health and happiness of communities around the world. Successful co-operatives world wide are a better place to earn a living. We will explore how and why.

Real leadership as global stewardship
How can we, the people realistically transform leadership from corporate driven and owned dictators and autocrats to real leadership in service to people and planet? Is this actually possible, and if so…how? Finding people who stand up for real.

Collaborative and Cooperative Arts as a driving force of social change: Conscious Creation and the Studio of the Future
While some people see the Web as a network of computers, we see it as a Network of People. How can conscious creatives collaborate without compromise and balance artistic integrity with commercial success and emotional satisfaction?

Visions and Stewardship Actions to take better care of life on planet Earth.

  • How do we push public action without sounding like commercial hype or propaganda, without causing fear?
  • Understanding Social Economic Impact
  • Seeing with Perspective
  • The Transition from Built in Obsolescence to Built to Last
  • The Conscious Creative Movements
  • The Arts and Activists: Perfect Together
  • Money for the Future: Diversity from Big Banks to Local Economies
  • How cities and local divestment campaigns can learn from each other and work proactively together on safeguarding local capital development
  • Equity, solidarity and collective care for people and nature: gender-just community-based systems and practices for a just recovery.
  • Empowering Effective Digital Organizing
    Change the world by changing what you eat
  • Building trust from the ground up
  • Building a Better Future in the Global South
  • Better media through understanding: Overcoming Misunderstandings
  • Be inspired to work more proactively with their local city authority in divestment campaigns
  • Artist and cultural organizer round table: how can movements better engage creativity
  • Understanding the corporation of life on earth and the solution: economic localization, starting with the health of our soil.
  • Understand how digital organizing supercharges your campaign.
  • Mobilizing rural communities for climate justice in Europe: a case study
  • Heath justice and the Green New Deal
  • Financing Campaigns and Encouraging Non Violent Activism
  • Activism Training: Change the Story to Change the World
  • Creating the future you want to see

(c) 2021 by Steven Jay, Barry and Serena Dossenko for

Get Mobilized and Make Love Go Viral!

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