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Mastering the Dynamics of the Commons for Social Innovation



In a people-empowered world, the creative mobilization and implementation of solutions starts from the bottom up, not the top down.  The top-down hierchey is too entrenched with existing system modalities and slow to adapt to change of any sort.

Imagine a scenario of two ships.  The speedboat can turn on a dime whereas the aircraft carrier takes a long time to move.   The development of sustainable systems of services requires an open mind, evidence-based wisdom, and interactive mobility for access to relevant and timely evidence-based information that can be acted upon without behind held back by costly paywalls or flights around the world.

Solving our problems while preventing new ones from emerging requires a completely new paradigm, a shift from closed systems to open systems, and a shift from competitive systems to cooperative systems.

Our future is Cooperative.

Mobilized is dedicated to bringing this about.

The document embedded below was prepared by and courtesy of The Transnational Institute.

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