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The entire cause of our global crisis (including symptoms like desertifying land, poverty, poaching, wildfires, social breakdown, mass emigration to cities, violence and climate change) is the automatic but reductionist way we all make decisions.

By Sarah Savory,  Savory Institute, Zimbabwe

We have to learn to make the right choices, at the right time, for the right reasons, by taking ‘the whole that is under management’ into consideration and not just parts of it as all people automatically do.

Nobody in history has ever done that before because we didn’t know how to do it.

Until recently, no human had any idea how to make decisions that were SIMULTANEOUSLY socially/culturally, economically and environmentally sound.

We are genetically designed to only be able to manage and decide our actions on each of those aspects separately because those aspects didn’t even exist until our technology got more and more sophisticated, which entirely changed our social behavior within our natural environment, which started a devastating knock-on chain reaction to our environment and our cultures.

When our technology advanced, our automatic decision making had suddenly became far too simple for the hugely complex world we had created for ourselves, which resulted in all our decisions becoming unintentionally reductionist and having devastating knock-on effects on the social, economic and environmental complexity we had created.

There are no parts in nature, only wholes. Everything is connected to everything else and we have to learn to manage and make our decisions accordingly.

The Holistic Management Framework makes sure we are consistently doing that:

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