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Lost in Translation

I was fourteen when John Kennedy was assassinated.  The day before, the Catholic military school that I attended in San Antonio was let out to watch the Kennedy limo pass a mere two blocks from our school.  In all the years since, I have waited for the truth of his assassination to be revealed in its entirety.  I fully expected that RFK would be elected president and would access the secrets kept deep in the clandestine agencies of our government that know such things.  But that was clearly not to be.  After his assassination,  my last hope was Teddy who fell prey to his own weaknesses and that door was closed forever, leaving me with a library of books on the subject, theories all, except for the rare twenty-seven volumes of the Warren Commission Report I found in a used bookstore, a jumbled mess of disinformation, incredible assertions and physical impossibilities.

My hope for the truth was rooted in the false notion that the President of the United States was, by the very nature of the highest office he held, able to access any and all top secret information.  Certainly, a lot more is possible than impossible.

For example, Joe Biden has recently stated that he will undertake to reveal what is known about UFO alien contact with earth.  I guess we’re old enough now to take the truth.

So this sets me wondering.  In the interest of National Security does a current President have the right to know all the top secret activity of a former administration?  Would not the availability of this information greatly affect his ability to make the right decisions for our safety and well being? 

Trump has left us with many blank spaces in the record of his tenure, especially regarding his secret meetings with Putin and Russian dignitaries.  No one else from his administration attended and nothing was reported to the press.  There was however, one American who was there with Trump, sworn to silence, his translator.  Loyal to her oath she has not waivered from her sworn responsibility.  Perhaps now is the time to know what she knows.  It may well address the issues that divide this nation by confirming Trump’s actions as either noble or traitorous.  I am hard pressed to think that Biden is not entitled to know the proceedings of those secret meetings.  Now is the time for him to depose the translator and make a course correction. To do anything less is foolish.

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