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Once the prominent structure on the Atlantic City Skyline, the Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino closed in 2014. It has deteriorated so much in recent years that chunks of it were peeling off. After being sold in 2016, the new owner decided it best to demolish it. The Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino was one of three failed casinos Donald Trump owned in New Jersey. All three filed for bankruptcy protection multiple times and all went belly up, the result of Trump’s management style– self-dealing financial troubles, and cheating small local contractors.
In short, under Trump’s management it had fallen prey to the same kind of thinking that currently resulted in the shut-down of the Texas energy system, a complete failure due to lack of maintenance, a misguided means of cost control for short term profits, near-sighted thinking with no contingency plan or even a viable plan for the future.
But not all of Texas was so affected. El Paso took a hard lesson from the blackouts it experienced in 2011 and made significant infrastructure changes to their energy system to forgo this and future tragedies.
You see, the state of Texas had adopted a “go-it-alone” policy regarding it’s energy grid and declined sharing energy with either of the two grids that define the 47 contiguous other states. Fortunately for El Paso, their location is on the far western border of Texas, too far from the Texas grid, thereby prompting them to join the closest grid, the Western United States grid. Consequently, unlike Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio, El Paso did not have to go it alone.
There is a broad lesson here that can be gleaned from these two events.
Now, as Biden restores the relationships with our allies and dismantles the Trump policies of isolationism, a renewed sense of optimism and cooperativeness is born. The United States will not have to go it alone. Soon Biden will address the much neglected infrastructure problems that lord over our future, as well as the urgent need to address climate change. We need to take heed the lessons placed before us and realize that substantial investment in prevention will bear significant rewards in exponential savings and productivity.
WATCH: Trump Plaza In Atlantic City Is Demolished | NBC News NOW
WATCH: Trump Plaza In Atlantic City Is Demolished | NBC News NOW
Videos show the moment former President Donald Trump’s long-standing Trump Plaza in Atlantic City is destroyed in a controlled demolition. The casino and hot…

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