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Lessons from the Grassroots: A Special conversation featuring Rob Moir of Ocean River Institute





In light of Covid-19 and the coming economic, social, and health consequences, we might start viewing our yards for more than their appearance.

Recorded on May 23, 2020

Lawns are much maligned for polluting waterways and requiring much water. Most lawns are not what they should be due to having been cut off from nature by technology.  Rob Moir, Executive Director of the Ocean River Institute, will talk about a grassroots groundswell where lawn owners are saying no to synthetic fertilizers, no to herbicides, no to pesticides.

No need to “overseed” to “reinvigorate” a lawn you just paid to fertilize. Let grass grow down naturally to open soil to life, bacteria, fungi and microbes, to feed (exudate) mycorrhizal fungi that form vast mycelium networks. These subterranean highways transport nutrients, minerals and phytochemicals that improve grass health and increase defenses against pathogens.

A healthy lawn, like the grasslands of old, captures much carbon from the air through photosynthesis and stores carbon in the ground.  If undisturbed while the soil thickens, carbon is stored for millennia.  A healthy lawn with earthworms will hold six inches of rain water to better protect homes from extreme weather events and recharge aquifers that keep cold streams running cool during the summer.

Take the ORI pledge to spend less money, less time out of your day on lawn care, so that your lawn will correct climate change by capturing much carbon out of the atmosphere and restore wildlife in your yard, neighborhood, and the world (thanks to bees, migrating birds, butterflies and dragonflies).

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