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It is time to remove the EGO from the ECO:

A diverse group of experts from the arts and sciences, media makers and Earth shakers from around the world have united in Solidarity for the health and well-being of all the people, all life, including the health of our planet.

From an event held in Dubrovnik by the World University Consortium for Sustainable Development:

The world we live in presents challenges and opportunities beyond the capacity of even the strongest, most developed nations or group of nations to effectively address without working in concert with the rest of humanity.   

Peace and security, climate and environmental management, immigration and population, trade and investment, technological development and employment, tax evasion and money-laundering, drug traffic and terrorism compel us to seek global solutions backed by institutions with the capacity and authority to conceive, implement and enforce them. 

None of these issues can be effectively addressed at the level of individual nation states pursuing their own self-interest in competition or conflict with that of other nations or by bilateral agreements or regional groups of nations. All necessitate increasing and unprecedented levels of cooperation and collaboration by the global community as a whole.

We live in an increasingly globalized world, yet our instruments of governance remain anchored in antiquated, flawed and largely ineffective national level institutions guided by narrow perspectives, misguided priorities, competitive strategies and mutually exclusive objectives. Global governance remains an artificial appendage or after-thought forged by the compulsions of necessity rather than consciously conceived and designed as an integral and essential component of a comprehensive and effective system for human self-governance.

Humanity and its institutions have, no doubt, evolved dramatically from the time a few centuries ago when international relations were decided by the whims of monarchs and ambitions of colonial empires, enforced by the exercise or threat of violence, enshrined in bilateral treaties and alliances, modified to suit the apparent advantages of the moment, and founded on principles of self-interest and balance of power.

Today the world is governed by myriad institutions at innumerable levels, including international governmental institutions, charters, conventions, treaties, rules of law, committees, systems, multinational and national corporations, non-governmental organizations and associations relating to peace, security, justice, trade, economy, finance, transport, communication, education, science, technology, culture, religion, entertainment and other fields.

In spite of this multiplication of pathways and instruments for governance, the rapid evolution of global society continues to outpace the development of institutions to guide, monitor and manage the increasing range and magnitude of the opportunities and challenges that arise. The growing gap between the needs of humanity and its prevailing system of institutions severely retards our collective progress and threatens to undermine the foundations of peace, security, freedom and stability on which the gains of the post-World War II and post-Cold War world have been achieved.

The wisdom and knowledge to act must not be kept behind corporate paywalls. It must be made easy to access to all people, everywhere.

In a concerted effort to unite people towards real world sustainable and regenerative solutions for the health of all life, a diverse group of producers and scientists, media makers and earth shakers, artists and social activists have united to develop a world class, evidence-based, easy to understand, fully translatable and accessible public platform for our collective health and well-being.

We invite experts from the worlds of the arts and sciences, scholars and social activists, media makers and earth shakers from around the world to unite in Solidarity for the health of all the people, for all life, including the life of the planet.

You can discover our vision here,  our ecosystem here, and sign up here.



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