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“We believe that a well-informed global citizenry is the most powerful natural resource of all.”

For too many years, many of our man-made systems, services and policies have destroyed what it has taken Mother Nature billions of years to create. Humanity is going to need a new and improved operating system in order to survive.


“What we now want is closer contact and better understanding between individuals and communities all over the earth, and the elimination of egoism and pride which is always prone to plunge the world into primeval barbarism and strife… Peace can only come as a natural consequence of universal enlightenment…”—Nikola Tesla

Mobilized News is an interdependent communications cooperative that reveals our world as a series of systems that work and communicate for the health of the whole.

We believe that when we look at ourselves as part of nature, we will stop destroying it.  Mobilized produces Television, Feature Films and Documentaries and Experiential Media that puts the audience in the drivers seat.

  • We are dedicated to the reinvention of media as a public service. To do this, we take our inspiration from nature, the ultimate network.
  • We are a central hub (heart/brain) of decentralized communities and systems (organs/cells) which communicate and work synergisticly with each other for the health of the whole.
  • To create the greatest impact in the sharing and amplification of wisdom and knowledge, we democratize wisdom for all people everywhere.
  • Our stories must uplift, inform, inspire and empower the heart and souls of the communities of the world.
  • We are a cooperative community of media makers and earth shakers, united in solidarity for the health of the whole of all living things. We believe that cooperation, not competition, brings us closer to our ultimate potential.
  • Mobilized is dedicated to facts not fiction; access for all, translatable into a multitude of languages with clarity above all.
  • We believe that a well informed global citizenry is the most powerful natural resource of all and therefore we maintain an all access policy.
  • We understand the existing crises are consequences of failed and flawed systems, services and policies and it is our desire to make this information available to the public without compromise and without blame.
  • In order to create a better future we need to learn from the past mistakes so we do not repeat them.
  • In order to provide information sharing outside of our spheres of influence, we invite media makers and end investigative journalists to add their stories to our NEWSWIRE.
  • To reveal the steps local communities can take towards better systems and services, we have added a mobilized GPS also known as a Wiki for the global community to go create.
  • All our television shows and feature stories by experts in their fields no matter what level of education they have completed or advanced degree they possess.
  • In the event of any errors in reporting, we will take responsibility for these errors and make proper adjustments as quickly as possible.
  • We are transparent and all authors must disclose their expertise and any conflicts of interest including outside funding from special interest groups.
  • We are part of an international network of experts from numerous sectors.
  • Like each and everyone of us, we are a work in progress and are constantly evolving.
  • We believe that the challenges we face require access for all people snd therefore we post no paywalls, advertising or subscription fees. Not now, or ever.
  • Quality rocks! We believe in the importance of accuracy and quality over quantity.
  • We are non denominational and non partisan.
  • We are self funded and take no sponsorships or special interest funding. It is absolutely essential that we maintain editorial independence because the health of the public good is not a commodity.
  • If you believe that you have wisdom and knowledge to share to our ever growing community, we invite you to add your voice and subscribe to our weekly news letter and help change the news for Good.


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