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Dick’s announcement that they would no longer sell guns to persons under twenty-one and also will discontinue the sale of tactical assault rifles, may be the most intelligent solution to the second amendment controversy yet. Their decision does not infringe on the NRA ‘s interpretation of the second amendment, yet it effectively accomplishes the objectives of those who seek to limit the sale of military weapons and the sale of guns to minors.  Dick’s has sent a strong signal and points the way for the movement that has been formed from the school shootings at Stoneman Douglas. Clearly, one sales outlet, albeit national, is not enough, but it shows that under pressure, corporate America will react faster and more decisively than government. If the many companies that have severed ties with the NRA is an example (so far credit card companies, banks, and airlines), the movement can surely be encouraged to take note and act.  What about Walmart, Cabela's, Bass Pro Shops and Gander Mountain? These are easy targets for a campaign of embarrassing pressure.  Sure, the NRA won’t like it, but they still gotta go there to buy their guns.

I remember a time when cars did not have seat belts.  When deaths reached a level that the insurance industry got involved, that changed.  Money is the big motivator.  And voila!  Today you cannot buy a car without seatbelts.  Sure, it restricts my freedom to be required to wear it, but c’mon, it’s designed to save my life.  And what about motorcycle helmets?  Sensible state laws require that riders wear them.  They save lives, but not all states require helmets.


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The gun control movement should take aim at the insurance industry and get them involved.  If gun purchasers were first required to have an ID to purchase (as opposed to a license to own) contingent on insurance, just as in an auto license, then the problem of a comprehensive background check would be solved without infringing rights. The ID would be for an individual and not for any one single purchase and could be renewable yearly, just like the plates on your car.  Without it, you could not buy a gun.

As Congress has shown, they are a fearful lot of sheep, looking over their shoulder in an effort to get re-elected.  The President is a shameful excuse for a leader and the local and state governments are only mildly better in that regard.  No, corporate America is the go-to answer. You really want to start a tidal wave, start cutting your credit cards and sending them in to the issuing company, and see what happens.

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