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Tax Justice: How to fix the world with $9 Billion



We know the world’s broken. Apparently we need $9 trillion to fix it. We find out how we can pay for the pandemic and a just transition with Ben Tippet of the Transnational Institute. You can read his report Paying for the Pandemic and a Just Transition here.

  • Casino Capitalism: what really happened with the Gamestop frenzy and what does it tell us about ‘investment?
  • As promised, three pieces of really good tax justice news… you can read more from the Tax Justice Network on “A tide-turning moment in the global struggle for tax justice” here.
  • The transcript is available here (some is automated and there may be small inaccuracies)


“We can do this, you know, there are solutions. The next 20 years could be one in which we rebuild a more just global economic system.”

~ Ben Tippet of the Transnational Institute

In the same way that Bitcoin has surged in price, the Gamestop bubble has no rooting in any kind of economic reality. The term ‘investment’ is very widely used and abused by politicians and by journalists. We need to see huge investment directed towards a new energy efficient, non-fossil fuel market. There’s a huge transition facing humanity and at the moment, I don’t think markets are in any way geared to making that kind of transition.”

~ John Christensen of the Tax Justice Network

The original blog post of this Taxcast is available here.

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