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Holy Toledo, Fatman!!



At 10 A.M. yesterday, teleprompter Trump addressed the nation on national TV concerning the mass murders at El Paso and Toledo. One small thing though, it was not Toledo but Dayton where the senseless violence had been committed.  Looking like a deer caught in the headlights, Trump plodded on, void of expression, void of emotion, void of even the smallest sign of comprehension or the realization of his own complicity in fostering the climate that has provided fertile breeding ground for these acts.  With 255 mass murders to date this year, 4 in the last week alone, Trump stared blankly into his teleprompter reading the words prepared for him. Mentally detached from any connection with those words, he declared one of the two sites to be Toledo.  How does this happen?  Can he not read, or perhaps he can and the incompetent staff he has surrounded himself with wrote “Toledo” instead of “Dayton”  into his scripted speech. If that were the case, cannot Mr. Trump think for himself and correct the mistake as he reads?  No, apparently not. This only goes to show that he was so removed from the news of the events that he was not only uninformed but ill-informed.


Not to be outdone in the race to demonstrate political incompetency, “Former Vice President Joe Biden misstated the locations of the mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton, Ohio while speaking to donors at a high-dollar fundraiser in San Diego on Sunday night. ” As  reported by “The Washington Examiner” and other newspapers, Biden was quoted as saying they occurred in Houston and Michigan.  How does this happen? 


This gaffe follows on the heels of the many other gaffes Biden so easily stumbles into.  One of the most recent being his appeal to visit his website following the second Democratic debate.  To the bewilderment of the TV audience, he stated it as joe030330, which turned out to be his phone number not his website.


While Trump cannot safely string two words together to form a coherent thought without lying, Biden cannot do so without gaffing.  While Biden is a deeply sympathetic candidate, his sympathies alone are not enough to warrant a future leadership position for this nation.  The bar should not be set so low that we allow it to dominate our electoral will.  Please don’t misunderstand me, I would vote for Biden over Trump any day, but his time has passed and he is not the man we need to carry us forward from the quagmire of corruption and incompetency we have inherited.


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