Heartland Stories: Care Center Politics?

Theresa speaks with Robert Gottlieb to discuss why a care economy and care-centered politics can influence and reorient such issues as health, the environment, climate, race, inequality, gender, and immigration.

A pioneer of the natural foods movement, host Theresa Marquez has dedicated her 40-year career to protecting family farmers and facing our health crisis through a culture of healthy food. Recently retired as Mission Executive for Organic Valley, Theresa created Heartland Stories Radio to reflect on the state of our world and its ensuing impact on public health, urging people to work together and take control of their impact on the planet.

Heartland Stories Radio is a weekly 29-minute radio show that is also available as a podcast, sponsored initially by the Heartland Study, a non profit research project dedicated to protecting the health of pregnant women and their babies. Each show engages listeners on the issues and challenges in food, farming and global health. While the team is in the Heartland, where much food is produced, our issues and interviews are with change makers, influentials and everyday people from all over the globe. We present solid information about what we all can do together to assure a healthy and just food system for the 21st century.