Genuine media literacy: critical, not corporate.

Source: Project Censored

With Media Literacy Week beginning on October 24, Mickey and his guests (Allison Butler and Nolan Higdon) discuss the vital distinction between “media literacy” as propounded by corporations, and ”critical media literacy,” which includes in its analysis the ownership and self-interests of the institutions which create media. They take note of the 2022 Critical Media Literacy Conference of the Americas [which concluded on Oct. 23]. And Butler warns about pervasive “surveillance software” — software created for educators, but which also compiles students’ data for commercial use.

Allison Butler teaches in the Department of Communications at the University of Massachusetts. Her recent article about surveillance software is at:

Nolan Higdon is a lecturer in education at the University of California Santa Cruz campus. He’s also the author of the book “The Anatomy of Fake News.” His recent article for Project Censored is here