GAIA TALKS: The Earth Speaks: Mohamed Ismail from Egyptians Abroad For Democracy Worldwide

Recorded on Tuesday, January 25, 2022 at 2 pm. Eastern (USA/Canada) 8 pm (CET/CAT)
The format of today’s Broadcast
Programming for Television, Satellite and Audio Podcasts/Broadcasts which will be also available on multiple stations and platforms. The first thirty minutes is a conversation between show host Missy Crutchfield and the guest. The second half hour is open to questions and answers. The live feed will be made available to all social media accounts and will be published here. To submit questions, please utilize the official social media feeds to submit to the moderator and guests. Links will be made available two days prior to the event live stream.

About the Broadcast Special Guest is Mohamed Ismail of Egyptians Abroad For Democracy Worldwide
We will be discussing the January 25th Revolution to today where Egypt will be the location for COP 28 with a special focus on human rights and earth justice.

In our debut of the series “GAIA Talks: The Earth Speaks” is hosted by Human/Animal/Earth Rights Activist, Missy Crutchfield. Each week, she takes us on a deep dive into conversations who are on the front lines of human rights, animal rights, earth justice and the vegan revolution. Our audience comes away from the experience with realistic and clear and actionable solutions that can be applied to their everyday lives.

“GAIA Talks: The Earth Speaks” is a weekly multimedia experience which is part of a multimedia platform that connects people and places who are co-creating ways to save the earth and all life.
Each episode is one hour long and is structured into two parts. The first component is recorded for future broadcast and podcast and is s a thirty minute conversation between the show host and special guest. Once the first part is over, the audience is encouraged to stick around for “after the show” thirty minutes of audience question and answers.
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