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From The Safety of Rocks

bad guy podium

In the old TV westerns, the bad guys always hid behind the safety of large rocks to take pot shots at the good guys, cowboys like Roy Rogers, Hopalong, Cisco and The Lone Ranger. It was safe behind those rocks and there was always that quick getaway, horses waiting in the pass behind them.  Nothing much has changed as Sarah Huckabee Sanders so aptly demonstrates time after time.

Using the safety of her podium to take pot shots at the press, the Dems and anyone who questions the Trump administration, never answering a question directly, she is always dismissive, often deferring to someone else not present in the room, while glibly mouthing the rehearsed script of her puppet-master.  These so-called press conferences never amount to much by way of meaningful information or news other than her obfuscation of the events of the day and the administration’s role in them.  As the return fire heats up, and after sufficiently ridiculing the press, she announces “one more question,” pretends to answer it and then abruptly wheels to her right and heads for the waiting horses in the pass just beyond the door to the press room, for her getaway.

After the TV bad guys had their quick getaway, they would sooner or later get caught up with in the nearby town as they tried to go about their regular lives pretending to be normal town citizens. But soon they are uncovered by Hopalong or Cisco with the help of the local townspeople and brought to justice and the waiting jail.

Who says you can’t learn something from TV?  These old-fashioned morality tales used to seem unrealistic, but they have a lot to teach us about managing criminals by banding together as a community. Criminals are seldom caught in the field but more often in their lair and haunts. It’s the diligent public that spots them and focuses the attention on them that results in their demise. In their private lives and in public spaces they are vulnerable.  They have no rocks to hide behind.  While the media cowers in compliance, shackled by corporate policy and corporate lawyers, it is up to us, regular private citizens, to publicly flush them out.  There is force in numbers. If we can’t jail them, we can at the very least put them on the run.

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