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From Defunding the Police to Alternatives to Policing with Community-based Approaches



Project Censored researcher and author Amber Yang, a Restorative Justice and Wellness Coordinator in Northern California rejoins the show along with Phoebe Smith, a long-time public-school teacher, teacher trainer, and consultant to school districts on restorative-justice practices in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. As the concept of “defunding the police” is discussed nationwide, this week’s program offers alternatives to policing with community-based approaches. Mickey’s guests also discuss the school to prison pipeline and explain the theory, practice, and benefits of using ‘restorative justice’ in the context of public schools.

[Editor’s note: This program was edited to excise 6 minutes of the broadcast to potentially protect the identity of a minor student, who while not named, was still edited out in keeping with the spirit of FERPA.]

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