Medea Benjamin and Guests: No More War

So, when?

On the evening of Tuesday, January 7,   we were alarmingly glued to our TV screens for any information about the missile strikes – damage, casualties, desperately hoping that this Iranian response would not escalate into a full shooting war. What a relief it was for the president to tweet, “All is well. All is good.” I suspect the soldiers and an civilians being bombarded by those missiles might have felt differently. But is all well and good?

MEDEA BENJAMIN, cofounder of Code Pink and author of “Inside Iran: The Real History of the Islamic Republic of Iran”, doesn’t think so.

She and other members of Code Pink and other peace groups have traveled extensively in Iran, Iraq and elsewhere in the Middle East. MEDEA will give some history of the region that we are not hearing on mainstream media and will share her take on what is happening now. Not surprising Code Pink was out protesting Sunday and is protesting regularly. Her most recent book, “Inside Iran” is a very good primer of the true history of that area.

Regardless of our worry and efforts to prevent open warfare, just the possibility of war is very profitable. Not surprisingly the stock prices of major defense contractors have received a considerable boost – such profit in war and making killing machines. SARAH ANDERSON directs the Global Economy Project at the Institute for Policy Studies and is a co-editor of the web site She will discuss this and also the effect of economic sanctions on the people of Iran. It will be hard to find more areas that can be squeezed harder. The latest sanctions included Iran’s Central Bank, the only source of funds for humanitarian needs for the people. Need a life-saving drug – forget it. Need baby formula – forget it. But don’t despair, our leader tweeted, “All is well. All is good.”