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The Need for Election security featuring Greg Palast and AOC. From a Woman’s Point of View



The pandemic – we have one of the worst records overall in the world with the highest number of deaths. The reason: an appalling lack of government leadership. The only way to affect change is to vote, is to use your voice which is the vote. There are many efforts to suppress those votes in every way possible.

Greg Palast, author of “How Trump Stole 2020” points out the myriad ways that are being done.Piera Van de Wiel, actor, singer, producer talked with Mary.

If COVID-19 isn’t bad enough, its consequences are enhancing serious problems in the world, one of which is violence to women. Attacks have increased in both the US and the rest of the world – in some cases by as much as 1/3. And with sequestration, women have less opportunities to get help and escape. The UN is aware of this and has a program trying to help the women and girls. Petra Van de Wiel is using her skills with music therapy in this effort.

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