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From a Womans Point of View 03/26




  • Covid 19 Relief Bill with Eileen Appelbaum CEPR
  • Protecting Democracy
  • Implementing Equal and Safe Access to the Ballot Box during a global pandemic


As we write this, we are not sure of the status of the relief bill with Republican senators threatening to slow walk it (and Senator Scott (FL) is one of those) and Bernie Sanders and others are threatening that if it is watered down they will really slow walk it. Then the House will weigh in. EILEEN APPELBAUM, Co-Director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research, Fellow at Rutgers University Center for Women and Work, Visiting Professor at the University of Leicester, UK, will walk jus through what she thinks is most important and her interpretation of this bill so far.

One area that so many different individuals and groups are aware of are the national elections coming up. Many know that unless we start to prepare now, the pandemic could make a shambles of our election process. Many, including SONJA DIAZ, Civil Rights Attorney and Founding Executive Director of the UCLA Latino Policy and Politics Initiative (LPPI) which is a multi-issue think tank focused on Latinos and other persons of color at the University of California. Included in this initiative is the UCLA Voting Rights Project which has just released a white paper, Protecting Democracy: Implementing Equal and Safe Access to the Ballot Box During a Global Pandemic. As Sonja commented when I talked to her, “It seems that voting rights have to be fought and re-fought in every generation, and we need to fight hard now.” Diaz served as policy counsel to US Senator Kamala D. Harris during her first and second terms as California’s attorney general and clerked in the White House’s Domestic Policy Council under President Obama.

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