Getting Past the Vortex: From a Woman’s Point of View

When the bottom falls out, it's not just with a bang, it's an explosion.


  • Arnie Arnesen, Host “The Attitude” WNHN, Public Radio, New Hampshire
  • Julie Kohler, National Women’s Law Center

We are in a very strange vortex. The more things go on, it seems stranger and stranger. The waves have parted and most of the candidates have stepped aside for a candidate given up for dead just a few weeks ago. The candidate whose platform is based on medicare for All as a basic human right is labelled “too extreme.” All while we are in the midst of battling a pandemic that our president refuses to admit is occurring and our prohibitively expensive for profit and inadequate medical system struggles to figure out how to keep sick people from going to work. (Hint: they can’t afford not to.) Is it just me or do you wonder what rabbit hole we have fallen into?

ARNIE ARNESEN, host of “The Attitude” on WNHN in Concord, NH, attorney, former state legislator, taught at Harvard, ran for Congress and governor of NH, will try to make sense of all of this. And Joe, Medicare for All is just a pipe dream?

Meanwhile, as we wring our hands and come to the realization of how much racism and sexism affect our politics, we have allowed these issues to be weaponized against those most suffering from the exclusions. Women aren’t electable? Don’t tell that to all the women that won seats in state legislative races in 2018. They had an equal or higher rate of electability than men. And once they got into the state legislature, they have had a higher rate of productivity. In all legislatures where there are 30% or more women, they have had an overall higher rate of productivity. (Shades of Amy Klobuchar) I wouldn’t tell those women that they are not electable. As Melanie Stansberg of New Mexico says, “Between #MeToo and the political discourse, we are living in this historic moment we can’t quite see, but women all over can feel. It’s time for standing up.”

JULIE KOHLER, fellow with the National Law Center and senior advisor to Democracy Alliance, board member at Family Story, will fill in the details. Don’t be discouraged and feel defeated. A very strong base is building up and it is continuing to move forward.