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      The Mobilized information Exchange is a specialized community for conscious creatives at all levels of their careers from all parts around the world. We are committed to inspiring and empowering, embracing and educating people everywhere as we collectively build bridges that overcome misunderstandings while creating better ways of co-Existing together on both local and international levels.  Our programming is practical, based on both evidence and imagination.  It is our commitment to inspiring, empowering, supporting and educating media makers and earth shakers with a home and hub that enables our collective to grow together. 

      Join here

      Once you’ve set up your free account, there are a nine easy things you can do to get the most out the Mobilized Exchange!

      1. Complete your profile page. Mobilized is a network of conscious creators.  We provide members with their own personal page, like a virtual studios and hub where they can inform other members about themselves, discover one another, and create projects out of pre-existing systems which stifle the health and well-being of humanity’s upward mobility. You can promote your page to non-members and encourage the growth of the network to benefit even more people
      2. Learn about the Mobilized Ecosystem
      3. Post your shows on our progressive show guide. Add your MP3’s, MP4’s
      4. Make sure to follow our editorial and posting guidelines
      5. Explore the various shows from around the world listed on our Home Page.
      6. Join in our Saturday “Smarter Conversations”  (a/k/a Conferences for our Future)
      7. Post an article on your Mobilized hub. As a Mobilized collaborator in creation, you can add your own stories to inspire others.  You have the ability to add editorial features, Audio files (MP3’s) and Video Files (MP4) and work as a collaborative and collective team as we, together, learn about each other and discover ways of improving the quality of life for others. Guidelines can be found here. How to add content is found here.  The video tutorial is found here.
      8. Explore sectors outside of your sector. We all want a better world, we’re all working for it. But sometimes, existing in silo’s makes it difficult to gain much-needed perspective outside of our individual sectors.  Mobilized feature stories are divided into Categories.  Discover what you’ve been missing! Leverage the power of possibility and the love of communities and get the support you need!  Some of our latest programs can be found here.
      9. Promote your program through our easy-to-use social sharing icons found on all posts and pages! Mobilized is a free to join, free to access network which is evolving on a constant basis. Our easy to use social sharing icons enable the amplification of all programs!

      We’re in this together. Tell your friends. Tell your colleagues. Share the love!

      Get Mobilized!

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