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Fearless Leader, The Last Responder.



Fearless Leader? That’s how he sees himself. Yes, the Fifth Avenue maniac sees himself as the heroic fearless leader, willing to rush into harm’s way unarmed, to save the lives of the millions of America’s children by boasting an imagined example of his bravery to follow.

Calling the deputies that did not enter the building immediately, “cowards,” President Trump said that he would have charged into a Florida school during the shooting even if he were unarmed. “I really believe I’d run in there even if I didn’t have a weapon,” Trump told governors meeting at the White House to discuss school safety.

Clearly, the leaders in this discussion are the children of Stoneman Douglas, not our president or our legislators. Lacking the wisdom to wait for an investigative report, Trump tried to shift the blame to the first responders and the sheriff’s department, by accusing them of cowardice. One of the student leaders, showing wisdom as one of the most affected, with a thoughtful and mature response in an interview on national TV expressed more understanding, suggesting that waiting for an investigative report was the proper thing to do, not hurling inflammatory allegations.


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If Trump leads in any poll, it’s that of breeding, not the social kind but the physical kind. “Fearless Breeder” is what we should be calling him. As his infidelities to Melania mount–the porn star, the playboy bunny–his Russian sexual escapades seem more believable by the minute. A self-confessed molester with a trail of alleged victims, the body count has risen to Cosby standards and he seeks cover under the shelter of his 30%, the “Fifth Avenue” Republicans and the CPAC to shrink from his previous admissions and boast of his imagined bravery.

As everyone knows, Trump’s positions shift with the wind. He’s always looking to see where the advantage is for himself politically, only to stake an ambiguous claim on the shifting sands of opinion, a claim void of ethics, leadership or policy. While Trump invariably rushes to tweet an emotional response in matters of daily events, his personal policy regarding his own actions as our leader remain simply, as he often states, “Wait and see.”

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