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Citizens everywhere need a media and communications network that unites us towards building a sustainable and regenerative 21st Century and Beyond.

Mobilized is this network.  Please join us as a collaborator in creation and empower the world.

At a time when digital connectedness enables mass awareness of humanitarian challenges, people could rise to meet them, said Møller – if they receive accurate, useful and balanced information from the media.

“We have the expertise, we have the experience, the human capital, the financial means, it’s just a matter of getting our act together globally,” he said.

“We are moving into a world of incredible change. We have technology today that gives almost every person on this planet the ability to know everything that happens, but also the ability to comment. Many of these voices are fairly uninformed and based on very narrow personal agendas and local understandings of reality. It is very, very important that this cacophony of voices is as informed as possible.” –-Positive News, U.K.

In a concerted effort to expand the reach of evidence-based knowledge dedicated to solving our ecologic and continual humanitarian crises, a passionate group of producers, academics, artists, social activists and citizens on all continents have united in solidarity to co-create a collaborative media resource and platform dedicated to empowering our collective human potential at a time of crisis.

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